Friday, 25 June 2010

Don't worry, don't hurry, don't forget to smell the flowers #2

I just saw my psychartrist and she thinks I'm doing well :) We're putting it down to a mixture of blogging, allotmenteering, my photography and mainly, shear grit and determination. She's happy - I'm exhausted, hahaha.

Anyway I wanted to take you on another little dander, this time around some of the flowers in 14b. Of course there are plenty of other things to coo over too but I need this right now. I need to make a collage of pretty things and try not to think of any bad stuff - visits to ones head dr can open up a whole can of worms! Hey, that's not fair on worms, makes them sound evil, henceforth ~ it opens up a whole can of sawfly!

These are not my best photos by the way. If you are interested in photography as an art form do check out Full of very talented independent artists of many types plus I'm there -

and I'm also on Facebook with a modest fan page which, say you and all your friends wished to join, will get you exclusive previews, special offers and prizes! -  Cherry Blossom Tattoo Photography on Etsy. com

Shameless self promotion I know, but I promise it will not become a feature, it's just when my psychartrist thinks something I'm doing is good, well I like to make sure I keep at it.

Hugs to all for the weekend. My steriods for this blasted hayfever (ggrrrrr) seem to be working so, yippeee, I may get out this weekend :) And it's Andrew's birthday weekend so we have a lovely dinner with friends planned. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys - you rock! xxxx


  1. Carrie, you seem to be on the right track. Keep smelling the flowers and enjoying all the beauty around you, it all makes a person feel so good.

  2. I wish we have more flowers in the garden, but foliage does emit authentic smell too .... very aromatic indeed. We can walk through garden blindfolded and recognize the smell of tomato, marigold , bittergourds and basil.....
    Have a great day.

  3. Glad things are going well Carrie - hope you and Andrew have a good birthday weekend.

  4. Not shameless at all! How else would one self promote her wares"..
    How would others know that you have goods to sale with-out you promoting it..

    Love the collage of colorful flowers.

    You and Andrew have a wonderful outing and birthday weekend..

    ~ Vetsy

  5. Have a great weekend Carrie! Enjoy the sunshine and smell the flowers!

  6. Carrie, Cherry Blossom Tattoo Photography is now liked and adored by me on Facebook! I am astounded by your imagery. You really have an artist's eye, that's for sure! :)

    I hope you and hubby have a wonderful time celebrating the day he came into the world! :)

  7. thank you everyone - boy you are all super lovely - hugs are on me!!!
    We're determined to have a good weekend and even though my hayfever has gone mental, I am still smiling.

    Many thanks to Vetsy for allowing me to blow my own trumpet - nay for encouraging it.

    And many thanks to Tony too - a fan!! Yippeeeee x

  8. Carrie girl you sound good !
    Love the beautiful shots and I want to go visit that site for sure !
    Best wishes for your lovely birthday dinner for Andrew with friends .. you will have a grand time and giggle a lot .. I see that in your future ? LOL
    Enjoy !
    Joy : ) LOL

  9. Hope Andrew had a happy birthday...and wishing you both a happy weekend...

    Carrie your photos are them. Reading your blog always makes me want to try a bit glad things are going well -



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