Monday, 7 June 2010

Hello darlings! I'm home.

It's been a pretty weird life since I last posted a little blogette.
There have been great times, honestly - our new house has grown up out the ground and inside it looks more and more like a house and less like a collection of (albeit, orderly) bricks and bits of wood. We even have a friend who is plastering the inside it at the minute (so we know it's all being done to the best quality) and the builders asked us to pick our kitchen late last week, that's really exciting.

We did have a wonderful day at the beach together (way back when) and I have photos to follow :)

However, on Saturday I had a pretty unpleasant run in with a man who scared and intimidated me, over the photographing of a completely innocent close up of a lollypop. This lead to the last weekend being a right off, a heavily sedated affair in which I was hysterical at one moment and 'out of it' the next. This person managed to become a larger than life figure in my not so 'normal' mind thus utterly destroying my self-esteem (not that hard to do, granted) and leaving me never wanting to take another photograph in my life. It was such a terrible weekend that Andrew had to take a half day today to recover himself; after looking after me, he was left exhausted.

So today I climbed back on the metyphorical horse and went to the Allotment. I worked hard, talked with friends, engaged in battle with a much hated enemy who is determined to eat all my soft fruits, ggrrrrr! , indulged in my latest passion, had the freshest lunch ever and took photos. Yes my lovelies, I fought back; I am my camera, I don't do photography only because it is cathartic and enjoyable, I do it because I can't not do it.

Hope to see you tomorrow, we have a lot to get cought up with xxx


  1. Hi Carrie I am so sorry to hear you had to put up with someones nastiness, which can be distressing even when you are feeling in robust health.

    How lovely to have such a caring husband and pleased to hear you are back on the allotment, taking photos and blogging with the rest of us.

    I heard today that my daughter is thinking of getting an allotment so all those times as a toddler when she played on my allotment whilst I dug must have sown some seeds. She told me today that she is quite excited at the idea I only hope there are some vacant plots near where she lives.

    It looks as though there are except they appear to be marked conservation area so I am a bit confused but no doubt she will find out when she rings them up.

    Not sure how you can have numerous plots drawn out with conservation on them. Any ideas?

  2. Oh, bless your heart. I hope you are recovered and Andrew, bless his heart, is rested.

    Looking forward to your photos, be careful of ugly strangers.

  3. Bloody horrible man making you feel bad for zooming in on a lollipop! You must put him in an imaginary bubble a prick the bubble with an imaginary pin and make him vanish forever. "POP"
    I think a close up on a lovely lollipop inspiring I'm imagining a sticky swirly coloured spiral lollipop. Sounds like a great picture I wanna see it!
    Glad your back Carrie Snap lovely girl.

  4. Joanne - I think that having a lottie doesn't neccesarily go against some conservation rules - of instance you are envouraging wildlife and diversity!! I'm sure there will be a good, clear explanation and she gets a happy plot!

    Nell Jean - hugs and thank you

    Tash - LOVE your idea - pop!! It was a swirly sweetie lolly and had wonderful colours and it was a nice picture - bum. Deleted.

  5. Oh, Carrie, I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. :( I admit, I just don't understand why some folks are so rotten to others, and I bet your lollypop photo would have been lovely.

    Keep using that camera, please, my friend. We all love the results, you know. :)

    Proud of you for getting back on the horse so quickly!

  6. Once in a while we run into Nasty Nincompoops! who are just Nasty by Nature!

    Good things will never come of these people, but wonderful things will come of you!

    Aren't you glad that you can see the beauty in something as simple as a lollipop?..

    continue to see the world through your Artful eyes and never allow the Coo-coo's to cripple your gift of creativity!

  7. Carrie girl I am so sorry you went through such an ordeal .. but it is wonderful that Andrew is there to help you through it all !
    I understood exactly how you felt about the camera being part of you and that you climbed back on that horse. I am so driven to take pictures it amazes me .. if it isn't the garden it is the sky and clouds .. I ahve taken so many lately that between them and the garden screaming for attention I have done no email or blogging on schedule .. and I am so lucky to be able to actually get out of bed and stand upright plus walk ? LOL
    I mean it girl .. I should be flat faced on the floor with what I have been doing .. so there we are .. a DETERMINED pair of girls making life work for us !
    I say we should have some champagne or at least cider ? LOL
    Joy : )

  8. It is good that you engage yourself with the enemy who is going over the same green. Someone was saying about how little fight helps us to stay sane and relevant. Politicians resort to this approach in creating little crisis and emerge as champions after resolving those created issues. And how couples need that little fight and quarrel.. hmmm... to stay sane, happy and yet loving!!... haha... Cheers, ~bangchik

  9. Sweetheart, in a room of 20 people there will be 2 angels, 2 assholes and a whole bunch of people inbetween. Sorry you ran into such an asshole. They really do ruin your day/week for sure. Get your hands dirty in the soil and I'm hoping you will feel much better.


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