Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The war continues!

I have just been to the GP and got stronger more muscly (well they are steroids) meds to fight this blasted hayfever. I shall win this war with the triadic power of antihistamines, nasal spray puffs and pure grit (a pincher movement of devilish reckoning)!! Resolutely I sit here with the window open (my eyes are so itchy and my nose is constantly running) just to show Mother Nature I ain't letting her get the best of me! Ggrrrr.

In a couple of days I shall be back at my lottie, just you wait and see. Until then Andrew is bringing home delicious strawberries by the small bucket load and jam making is on the agenda for this evening - photos and review to follow.

It should start raining soon (oh, please) which will be great for the plants (and don't let on, but great for me too as it keeps the pollen down), the ground here is drying out so quickly these days.

Hugs to you all, especially fellow hayfever suffers - we shall overcome!!


  1. oy vey! Any joy with the honey trick?

  2. I have a friend, who love to treat himself on daily basis. While doing his routine of YOGA, he always imagine about his blood stream going to all corners of his body and fight with any bacteria. He said, he get or rather feel better after his routine...


  3. Diana - our local honey supply succumbed to the horrible winter, there isn't any! Still waiting on news on that front...

    Bangchik - I used to do Yoga at least every other day but got out of the habit (shame on me). Right, new house, new start!! xx

  4. Only problem is that if it rains too much the strawberries will turn to mush!

  5. So true Green Lane - it's been sunny since I wrote my post though (Mother Nature is just being contrary!).

  6. I'll cross my fingers for some rain for you. I was happy this morning to see our coastal fog back...I'm somewhat less miserable with the fog, probably because it helps to knock the pollen down. I'm so tired of sneezing LOL :P

  7. Bring on the rain! When the pollen count is soaring around here, we all sigh with relief at a nice, soaking spring rain. Just curious, Carrie, but does the heavy pollen season last a long time there? Ours is usually over in a month or so... in which case even if you don't win the war, very soon the soldiers will go home for furlough and it's kind of a long-term peace by default.

    Either way, I hope you'll feel better soon. Hugs. :)

  8. carrie, could you send some of the smell of jam making, my direction please? it reminds me of being wee and helping my gran.

  9. Carrie enjoy that rain make that yummy strawberry Jam and put your feet up..

  10. Meredith - the season seems to be huge this year. I heard on the news it's the worst one for a long time and people suffering is at a high! I've been feeling it for a few months and trying to get rid of it for 1 month already! But this new stuff seems good, fingers crossed.

    Trica - come on over to Mamma G's and bring a zip-lock bag to lock in the smellv :)

    Vetsy - I've just had a shower and left Andrew to it, hahaha. All these new meds on top of my usual ones are making me so sleepy.

  11. Oh yes, bring on the oy veys and meds! I suffer from hayfever too, which can and does affect my asthma from time to time. Can't a guy get a little win occasionally? :P

    Hope your new meds live up to their intitial promise and that Mother Nature stops taking to your sinuses with a baseball bat. Bring on the rain!


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