Thursday, 10 June 2010

A scandalous affair

Yes, I am having a wild romantic fling with alpines - 4 of them at once! Oh er Mrs.

At the Malvern Show you may remember I discovered that instead of just being small insignifcant plants or 'plantlets' as I used to call them in my head that are in every mothers' little (usually wick looking) rockery, they are instead utterly fascinating little worlds all of their own. I am astonished at myself, nay, ashamed that I didn't give them the credit they are due much sooner.

We live very close to where Johnathon Swift worked as a minister, yes he who wrote Gulliver's Travels. I could dander to his (sadly very must ruined) house in 30 mins if I so choose. He is where he saw the floating islands (the Copland Islands - and yes they do look like they are floating just above the water)and the giant laying on his back (the Cave Hill/ Napoleon's Nose). With my fabulous alpines I feel like Gulliver towering over a normal sized world that just looks so small to me but wherein life plays it's merry dance and doesn't have a size complex at all - for goodness sake I and my other plants are the freaks!!

So I have 4 new best friends:
Silene 'Mount Snowdon'
Sempervivum hybrid 'noir'
Saxifraga 'Winifred Bevington'
Aquilegia flabellata Cameo Red and White

I can't pretend I know my friends full names of by heart as of yet so don't be too impressed ;) I have their little name tags beside me.  But I do know I love them and I love to get down on my bum beside their container and send a little while touching them and if I'm honest, having a wee chat.

Here they are in their new home on the patio of 24a.
(There is more, I blush - we just bought 4 more for another container, for the 14b plot, oh I'm in love, hehee.

More photos will undoubtedly folllow :)


  1. Hi Carrie...I love these little plants too, especially the sempervivums...

    Hope you're feeling good today - xxx

  2. Carrie, they are so lovely. I had to smile at the image of your sitting down beside them to adore them and "have a wee chat." Too cute.

    What is "wick looking," for those of us not in the know? You'd think I'd be able to have a guess, seeing as my surname begins with "wick," but I have no clue!

    So glad you have these beauties to keep you company. :)

  3. Maisey's Attic - not too bad today, loads of blogs to catch up on though!! Hope you're good x

    Meredith - 'Wick' is maybe an Northern Irish word, it means; 'not very good' 'a bit crappy' 'poor' etc

  4. I always love your photos! Funny about the word 'wick'. In Massachusetts here in the US, we use the word 'wicked' to mean something really good! So we would say, those plants are 'wicked awesome!' meaning those plants are fabulous!

    PS - thanks for the nice comment on my last blog post!

  5. Carrie - I think 'wick' is a retro NI word from the 80s/90s that we used to use in school and you are single-handedly trying to resurrect :P


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