Thursday, 17 June 2010

little happy harvests begin

I just very quickly wanted to mention that last night we thoroughly enjoyed our first broad beans of the season - yuuummmmyy!!! I was so hungry and so happy to see them come out of the harvest bag brought home by Andy that there just wasn't time to go upstairs and get the camera! They were delicious.

Plus last week (I totally forgot) we had our first baby turnips, more early potatoes and our own mint with dinner. Happy times.

Andrew has gone round there for a while now - I'm still being attacked by pollen at every turn so it's inside for me :(

P.S. Today is our 5th Wedding anniversary - Love you till elephants lay eggs honey!!x


  1. Happy anniversary Carrie & Andrew! :D

  2. Hope you have had a wonderful annviersary! Hayfever is a nightmare - in my neck of the woods the pollen count is 201...have taken two antihistamines (oops) and neither have had any impact on the nose/throat/ to stay indoors! We've still got a little while till our broad beans are okay to eat - bet yours were divine! x


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