Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I hate all things garden-y

*Sneeze* I am not happy today *sniff* as the pollen count is too massive to even *blows nose* give a number to. *Wheezing now* I am upstairs with the windows closed, boiling away in my t-shirt and rolled up pj bottoms *wipes running eyes* and just wish today that pollen did not exist!!!!! (shakes fist at window)

Yes I know that would mean there wouldn't be any veggies, trees, fruit, flowers etc but *sniffs again* I DON'T CARE *rubs left eye furiously*

See you tomorrow; I need to put a wet cloth over my face and dream of the Sahara..... *tries to relieve itch on palate with tongue*. Arrgghhhhh!!


  1. Magnificent texture and colours. Wonder what I am looking at?

    Have you tried the allergy trick with honey, local honey?

  2. It did seem bad today - I had to wear my wrap arounds on the trip from the car park to the office so you definitely have my sympathy.

  3. Elephant's Eye - it's an eroded cave in the arizona desert. i pilfered off microsoft clip art *blush* I didn't have any photos of the desert to hand!

    J - thank you for the sympathy, sending it right back at you xx

  4. I hear ya! Well, don't come to California...after our soggy winter and spring, it's been a non-stop sneeze-fest here since February! I'm really tired of waking up congested...going to bed congested. I'm actually trying the local honey trick that EE mentioned. I hope it works, and I hope you're sneeze and itch-free soon!

  5. My sister suffered from allergies every year until she started taking Vitamin A last year and this year she isn't suffering much at all.

    We have had very high pollen counts from cotton trees and other plants that would usually irritate her to no end!

    No runny nose or itchy eyes, She said that her throat had a little tickle but nothing major, she is very happy! about this antidote, I hope this helps..

    ~ Vetsy

  6. Ugghh! I hate allergies. I have them bad too. I use prescription nasal spray from my doctor and do nasal lavage (sounds gross but works). The pollen count is low now where I live but a few weeks ago it was so high that the yellow pollen seemed to cover everything. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Local honey?? I know that is good advice but where on earth does one find such a thing in Carrick?? Must really check this out.

    Vitamin A you say - I'm going to find out more about that one too!

    And nasal sprays - I got one yesterday, yucky stuff but I think it may be helping (touches wood)

    Hugs to all xxxx

  8. Crossing my fingers that the allergy spell lets up soon, Carrie. That does sound miserable. :( When I was a kid I had terrible allergies, but was fortunate enough to "outgrow" them for the most part in adolescence. Still, I have great empathy for what you're going through -- and great hope it will be over quickly, once the trees and flowers get over their spring love-fest!

  9. p.s. I have heard of the honey trick, and my great uncle always gave me honeycomb to chew every spring, so maybe that's why I finally outgrew mine? No telling really. But it does seem logical that if you ingest teensy amounts of the pollen regularly -- and hopefully the kind that occurs in your area-- eventually your body gets used to it.

    Good luck, dear friend. :)

  10. Oh Meredith I am going to my local deli on Saturday morning and demanding local honey. Then I shall put it on everything, everything I tell you until this all stops! xxx
    I had outgrown it you know, along with my asthma but then we got the lottie and back it came, worse every year blast it!


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