Friday, 30 April 2010

Tulips - nature's happy pillls

If there is one plant so far this year that has really cheered me up it is the Tulip. I love them and need them in my life forever more. My fab hubby has been buying me a bunch every Saturday now for weeks so I can have nature's beauty in our attic space (I can't see anything but sky up here - Velux windows), he even bought a 'tulip vase' for them; if you're going to it at all, do it right!! ;)

But on the lottie we have some absolute darlings. Weird though, I can't bring myself to cut them and bring them home which was the whole idea of me having a cut flower bed. Haha, they just look so pretty where they are and the plots around us are very thin on the flower front so my beauties brighten the place up.

In celebration then of the Tulip I give you the different ones on our plots and end with Ronnie's super pouffy ones which I covet for next year - I think I may go tulip mad next bulb buying season.

Okay so I really should have done a collage but I have a date with that flighty temptress, adventure!


  1. Our tulips have lasted longer in the garden this year. The thing that always amazes me when they are cut and popped into a vase is that they keep on growing - the stems become longer and the flowers bigger!

  2. Condé-sur-Noireau, the town where the boys go swimming, has a fabulous display of tulips on all their roundabouts which they are celebrating in La Fete de Vie - The Fete of Life.

    Rosie x

  3. I love tulips, but only have them in the garden so won't cut them for the house. I had intended to grow some at the allotment so that I could cut them and bring them home, but I never got round to planting the bulbs.

  4. Maisey's Attic30 April 2010 at 14:35

    Hi Carrie

    I'm only just beginning to see how much better I feel when I take the time to go out and connect with nature. Reading your blog has really been so inspiring and encouraging - for that I truly thank you -

    Wishing you both a happy weekend


  5. Oh, how lovely! My favorite shot is of the purple twins together. It's such a gentle light, the better to display their perfect form and lovely color.

    Tulips only last about one or two seasons here, can't stand the heat and humidity, poor things, so I don't invest in them for the garden. If I lived where they thrived, I'd be spending some serious time huddled up with the bulb catalogs this summer, making my list, so I can totally understand why Tulip Mania might be revived in your heart, Carrie. ;)

  6. I haven't been growing tulips here, mostly because our deer would eat them long before they bloom. Yours are lovely though, and I do agree, it's so difficult not to smile when you see them in flower!

  7. I like tulips and these are all lovely! I've none on the plot but next year...
    I thought that you were writing about me for a moment!
    Have a good weekend! Flighty xx

  8. Reading this post makes me feel so guilty. What have I been buying for Kakdah every Saturday, other than fish and chicken. Then will I ever be in the category of "fab husband"... haha.

    Cheers, have a great weekend to both of you. Now I am going to a wedding with Kakdah!


  9. You can't beat them, our white and reds have finshed but the purple and pinks are still going strong. Lovely photos.

  10. Oh I KNEW I wasn't alone, my dear friends love the Tulip too. It's obvious we all have fabulous taste ;)

    Bangchik - there is still time, go out and buy Kakdah some flowers as a surprise (though she may get suspicious you've done something wrong, haha)

    Flighty - I'm sure you are a temptress in your own way x

    Maisey's Attic - hugs galore coming your way


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