Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Purple Sprouting Broccolli - the results (Plus HAPPY news!)

First off - major big kudos to me, I'm outside, alone! This is the first time I have sat outside at Mamma G's house since we moved here at the end of January. Even before that I hadn't been one for sitting outside at my old home - I feel exposed, and embarasssed and a little paranoid. But here I am and though I can hear grass being cut 2 doors up, the only other sound is that of some very happy birds in the trees and bushes all around Mamma's garden. This is a great garden, a complete sun trap and not over looked, there is also the most beautiful magnolia ever right in front of me and the smell is intoxicating. So, this is what I've been missing.....

But on to the PSB I hear you cry!

Well, out of a judging panel of 2 (Andy and me) we have thought about this a good bit over the past two PSB dinners we have had.  The first was a fresh baby salad (from the lottie - thinned out salads from the coldframe and the tender pea tips) steamed PSB and spinach and lamb dish on Saturday. Well YUMMMY!

The second was last night (well we wanted this to be scentific!) and saw us eating a butternut squash, bacon and PSB rissioto. YUMMY!!

So the verdict is - PSB may take a hell of a long time to grow, the plants may look like they are dying but then one sweet, sweet day a purple sprout appears and then another and then loads come out all at once. "Hoorah!" you say to yourself and pick some with joy in your heart take it home and eat it right away - heaven. Yes I said heaven for the Gaults offically LOVE PSB and I demand that all negative references to it from myself in the past be withdrawn and also that you grow it too!

It's hard to describe you see and I just want you to experience it yourselves. It's not brassica-y, there isn't any sharpness or bitterness, it isn't overly 'green' tasing - just oh so pleasant on the taste buds. So pleasant.

So there we go.
Verdict 1 - being outside (especially now the lawn mower has stopped) is not that scary really (though  I did take a valium and am sitting right by the door;  it's early days).

Verdict 2 - PSB is fab and though it may look crap as a plant and turns green when you cook it so it looks like normal broccolli sprouts IT IS WORTH IT!

Thank you and good afternoon, I'm off inside now, half an hour is good enough for the first time xxxxx

P.S. Just came in and told Mamma what I had acheived - big bear hugs and giggles all round, I can't stop smiling :) :) :) my cheeks hurt. I need a lie down, hahahaha


  1. congratulations,:D im sure you really enjoyed the air and the sun!!!

    Tricia xx

  2. Great news, good for you! You will be out painting the town red by next week I bet! Andy needs to watch it! Lauran xxx

  3. Hi Carrie great to hear you got out and enjoyed PSB it is one of my favourite veg - the boys I'm afraid are not convinced - oh well more for me!

  4. Fantastic news well done! I am now very very envious that you have cooked with PSB and I'm still waiting! I hope it's worth it after 12 months. That said I've already sown 2 varieties of the stuff for next year!!

  5. I haven't grown psb before, but I'm giving it a go this year. So glad you managed to get outside, the bird song at the moment is just magical and must lift your spirits.

  6. Happiest post we've ever had from you - I'm SO glad :-))) Will be such fun to follow your new garden. You have given us your wish list. Bird-song. Sun. Privacy. Fragrance. And flowers! Sorry, I forgot the veg!!

  7. Yay Carrie! So glad you made it out. I may just have to try some PSB, I've never grown it before, but if it comes that highly recommended, it must be good!

  8. Hi Carrie - so happy to hear your news - it's been such a lovely day.
    I'm going to have to look into this PSB - sounds good.

    Hope you're having a good evening, and thanks for your encouraging comments - xxx

  9. Thank you Carrie for stopping by and checking out my Bloom day post..Momma G does have a beautiful magnolia! and I can tell it smells awesome! I'm so happy that you had the opportunity to go out and enjoy it!

    Good for you! I continue to wish you bounties of healthy wonderful peace and joy!


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