Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bloomin' Monday (on a tuesday, I know) and poor weather

The weather out there on the other side of the window is echoing my mood; I look up at it, listen to it and feel like I am staring into an odd sort of mirror. It's miserable out. It's dull and cloudy, light rain has started and the cold wind  is blowing a minor gale. Even the thoughts of volcano ash mixed with the clouds out there make me think of my fuggy head, the frustration that could explode from me any mintue and the utterly burnt out body I'm living in (I know I should see a Dr but I can't face it.)Weather has such an amazing effect on us I think we all must suffer, at least a little, from SAD, I know I do, though often a bright sunny day can be like the world laughing at me.

I got my voice back today, I had a bit of a flu over the weekend. I'm tired from it but diffentatlely feeling less bunged up thank goodness. Anyone who has shares in kleenex hankies - you have me to thank for the bonus, haha.

So then, I guess you know what I'm going to say...I haven't been to the lottie apart from half an hour on Saturday. Andrew has though of course and it seems everything is doing well bar the sweetcorn (Swift F1 ) of which there is no sign of any germination. He bought 'F1 Sundance' today and is going to be planting it here beside me in front of the tv any minute now.

We just had a late dinner, our own PSB (yes, again!) and Spinach included - oh how wonderful is that? We realised at the weekend that we haven't had a week yet this past year when we haven't eaten something from our own plot - that's kind of amazing and really, congratulations to Andrew for all the effort and planning he puts in!

The photo is of the row of gorgeous yellow tulips we planted in amongst the wall flowers that Bill grew. They are stunnning and such a happy colour. Plenty more were that came from, I just need to get my bum into gear and upload the photos I have and take more.

That's all for now my friends, just wanted a little chat and you know I can see blue sky peeking through now, so thanks for listening xxx


  1. Hope you're feeling better after your bout of flu. It's a real achievement to have had something to harvest from your allotment every week of the year. You both must be fantastic planners, well done.

  2. I think I get a touch of SAD, especially in Winter. Our first house was surrounded by tall trees, and it was so dark in the house we always had to have a light on, even during the day. The sun couldn't make it over the tree-line in Winter, and I'd find myself getting almost desperate to see the sun some days. Since then we've lived somewhere bright and sunny, and I don't seem to get the winter blues any more. I hope your soggy weather transforms into some lovely, ash free, spring sunshine soon. Glad your flu is starting to subside too.

  3. Mmm miserable weather does make us feel miserable. Unless it's really stormy or snowing then it just feels good to be safe and warm inside.

  4. Hi Carrie - hope you're feeling a bit better today - here we have bright sunshine, but it's cold. Having any kind of cold especially flu makes me feel down - give yourself plenty of time to get over it - treat yourself gently - xxx


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