Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Where did Monday go?? - part 2

Bloomin' Monday - a fabulously pink, pink Gerbera, oh so pink..

Andrew built an ingenious new bench/storage system inside the shed. All from his own wonderful mind; he dreamt this up and then just went out and made it happen. I am one proud wife! It was so simple when you really took a step back, of course we could have a bench inside- eh viola! -extra room, extra cozy. Andy left it open around the bottom so we could store longer items such as bamboo canes and the azada etc. It's pretty darn nifty if you ask me and another feather to add to his already quite bird-like cap. Hoorah for 'can-do hubbys'!!

Now I just want there to be a terrible (but very quick) freak rain storm at the lottie, so we can go in and sit down comfortably, lock the door from the inside (oh, yes he has enabled us to do that too) and have a cuppa. Really must do the girly thing, the right thing and make cushions for our bums, ummm........

Stay tuned for tomorrow's results on the PSB taste session!


  1. We have bench inside our shed too and a kitchen table and 4 kitchen chairs! It's very cosy when entertaining plot neighbours to coffee - a but like Dr Who's Tardis.

  2. I wish to see photographic evidence!!! A table and 4 chairs too!! Outrageous. You must be telling porky pies ;)

  3. Great place for a cuppa, or to pull off your muddy wellies. Aren't 'can-do' hubbys great?

  4. I love gerberas and the colour is gorgeous. The bench is fab, and with storage too, well thought out.

  5. What a clever man you have there Carrie and good to hear you are sounding more yourself at present. Isn't it good to be gardening again I hate the winter.

  6. Hi Carrie - love the gerbera photo, such a lovely pink. Wish I could get my husband interested in the allotment - you are a lucky woman!
    The bench looks great - Hope you're having a good day - xxx

  7. That looks ideal! I do have a chair in my shed but never get to sit on it! Flighty xx

  8. Ohh..., what would life be without Andrew around.


  9. Oh, yes, Carrie, you clearly *must* do the girly thing and make cushions -- if only for the fun of shopping for fabric. ;) That bench is so cool and clever (yay for Andrew!), and I hope you do have a chance to take a romantic tea together under stormy skies very soon.

  10. Oh my what have I done?, now Andy is going to see how fab he is and get a really big head! I hope he still loves me once he's famous for being the best 'can-do' hubby ever, hahaha.
    Plus he bought me the gerbera - sweet.
    I think you are right, I really must make cushions Meredith, it is the least I can do.


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