Saturday, 3 April 2010

OMG I am so far behind!

Normal operations will resume say, on Wednesday when Andrew goes back to work. It has been a super duper, jumbo, huge, extra extra large sized, monumentally terrible week.

I have been neglecting my Allotment, my blogs, my camera and you my ever lovey readers and fellow bloggers. Humbly, I sit on the floor before you, top button of my jeans undone (Easter egg - yummm) and wish you a Happy Easter break. May it be filled with chocolate, good food, a bit of sunshine, family (though not too much of that, let's face it, they drive you mad) and friends. Sleep in, watch old movies in your pjs when it's pouring outside and try do some gardening.

Loads of love, as always xxx


  1. Carrie and Andrew, have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Happy Easter, Carrie. Don't make yourself sick with all that chocolate.

  3. I so identify with the top button thing - and I've not started on the Easter Eggs yet...
    Enjoy your time together.

  4. Hi - wishing you both a great day - xxx

  5. Happy Easter with ref to the title - I bet you're not far behind! We just started sowing seeds yesterday!

  6. Carrie girl I have just finished eating a lot of Cadbury eggs EEEKKKKKK ! but they were so good : )
    I am so far behind Carrie it isn't even funny .. the house needs a scrubbing .. I could be swapping out plants in certain areas .. well the list can go on and on .. we were caught by surprise with this record breaking warm front with loads of sun .. wish I could give you some girl !
    But the garden is coming alive and with the rain fore-casted .. well I would want to be in my comfy pajamas watching old black white movies too girl !
    Have a Happy Easter .. what is left of it now ? LOL

  7. Happy easter to you both - enjoy the chocolate, you deserve it :)

    I'm just off out to work now - the weather forecast is looking grim but I've got a creme egg in my work bag so I'll be ok :D

    can't wait to get the photos in the post - yay!!

  8. You may feel a bit behind re the blog or whatever (remember it's Yours!) - but I doubt you're behind the weather. Have a good Easter x

  9. Happy Easter, and may you have a little sunshine. How's the new house coming on?

  10. I hope that you enjoyed Easter, and didn't eat too many chocolate eggs! Flighty xx

  11. I hope your Easter was a good one, Carrie! We were out of town, now back, and I'm frankly exhausted. I had all these plans for the garden today -- yeah, right! But at least we got to celebrate with our families. It's important; isn't it? :)

  12. I can identify with all of what you said here! I have so much to do, and little time to do it. (still have one egg left!)


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