Friday, 23 April 2010

My contribution to yesterday's Earth Day

Here is my blog for the Mind Depression Awareness week, put up on their site yesterday.

1 in 4 here in Northern Ireland suffer depression. Sad but true.

Good weekend wishes to you all xxx


  1. Hi Carrie, a lovely contribution you made to the cause. It's so uplifting and full of hope. I'm glad I found it today! Happy Spring;-)

  2. Hi Carrie, that is a beautiful piece. I so admire how open you are with your problems and emotions. Hoping you find peace in the garden this weekend. J

  3. I've read and commented on that post!
    Take care and happy gardening! Flighty xx

  4. It's wonderful that you can be so open about your illness, Carrie. You are an inspiration to others.

  5. Hi Carrie - I read your piece yesterday - just wanted you to know, I think you have such a talent for writing - even your comments make me smile! Together with your photography I'm sure you will find more outlets for your work -

    Hope today is a good day - sending you loads of positive wishes -


  6. Carrie, I'm just catching up on your blogs etc - that piece is fantastic, well done you!

    you are such an inspiration ((hugs))

  7. that is a very uplifting and powerful piece carrie. it was good to read it.

    Tricia x

  8. Thanks so much for sharing! I too suffer from chronic depression and anxiety - since I was a child as well. Quite a bit of my depression is due to seasonal affective disorder (a real challenge to deal with since I live in Massachusetts where we have more cloudy cold days than sunny ones). At 25 years old I decided to move to Florida to be closer to my brother who was living there. I lived in Florida for almost 10 years and I can honestly say that my depression was barely noticeable - actually I had no need for medication the entire time I was there. Nothing like warm sun all year to make me feel better. 12 years ago I moved back to the northeast (not my choice... long story why...). Any way, the big beast of depression came back and I'm still fighting it. The only thing that seems to help is gardening and growing plants (both indoors and outdoors). I started gardening 5 years ago and it does make a difference... I only wish I started gardening sooner - like when I was living in Florida and could have done it year round. I often think of moving back down south, but because of family and my job I don't think that will ever happen so I deal with depression the best I can.


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