Friday, 9 April 2010

So much love floating around :)

I'm feeling the love today, could be due to delirium as I didn't get any sleep last night and I'm having panics today and bad double vision but somehow (the drugs?) I am feeling the love - OH. MY. GOD. I've just realised that smoothie I drank earlier was a little old - fermented perhaps, there was an odd aftertaste. With my medication and it -  am I drunk!!!?????

Golly, well I'm going to continue on.....

I love my Hubby, here is his looking after all his little babies - they grow up so fast! They are being pricked out and potted on here into their own roomy spaces they can call home for a while. Isn't his plastic potting on bench the best thing ever!?( I need more shots of it) He can be mobile with his seedling work, doing it up here in the attic with me and Maggie or down in the kitchen. Either way, there's hardly any mess at all and the tray is big enough to mix up his own special soil and holds the labels and pencils etc all in one neat place. Cool! No longer shall I have to forsake my dining room to the spring baby boom, it can all just be moved out of the way. I love Sunnybank nursery!! They got these in again because we asked for them - how sweet are they??!

So little babies moving up to bigger/better things. I like the way Andrew has developed a new technique (I think he pilfered it off GW) where he plonks all the babies down in a mass out of the communal home and lets them fall apart from one another without him pulling at their roots. Fab, really it works, just make sure the soil is nice and moist; he puts the unturfed lot into a seed tray of water before hand.
What else am I loving?

Harry Potter; I'm reading all the books again in one big go and it's fabulous.
Maggie sleeping on the floor on her favourite, pillow, snoring - so cute.
The anticipation of a nice nap for me, it's coming....
Esty, oh how I love Esty, ever been?? I found a love lovely shop I must share, I've just written about it in my other crafty blog.....
Penpals, I have to write a snail mail today to my friend in Canada, love snail mail :)
And, the fact that one of my framed  photographs is being used tonight as a raffle prize in a posh charity evening - I'm helping kids in Uganda just by doing something I love.

I need that nap. Have a LOVELY weekend and I'll write that Rowallane piece once I feel less muffled. xx


  1. If you want another smile, take a peek at the pics I have just posted of my best Buddy!... and love to Maggie too!

  2. Matron - thank you for your comment I thought my inadvertent drunkeness had made people go off me, hahaha

  3. I keep falling in love, again and again, with the same lady,.. KAKDAH... Cheers, ~bangchik

  4. Take care and have a good weekend! Flighty xx

  5. I've got one of those potting bench tidy thingies, aren't they brilliant? I wouldn't be without mine. As nice as it is to receive an email, it just doesn't compare to snail mail. I'm still a huge fan of letters through the mail.

  6. I'm Harry Pottering to my eldest too at the moment. They are rather good aren't they? We ate some smaties from one of the Easter Eggs and wondered if one was "ear wax flavour". Seeds are looking good. It's going to be a lovely weekend - get out there!

  7. it's great you're supporting the charity, there's a chap at the end of our road that puts his 2nd hand book cart out every day for a Ugandan charity.

  8. Hi Carrie - Hope you're having a good weekend. I love to follow your progress with the seeds. My mum is a real Harry Potter fan, she listens to them on CD's - she says they're great for cutting out 'brain chatter' , when she's trying to get to sleep - xxx


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