Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Where did Monday go?? - part 1

I've just jumped out of the shower, which I also give a good scrubbing whilst I was in there (2 for 1) and just thought, 'hey, this is Tuesday, so where did Monday go and can I get a refund??' I've been up and down like a blasted yoyo the past few days and yesterday was so bad I sort of knocked myself out and slept through it. So here I am a day older with nothing to show for it.

Today I shall be writing 2 posts for this blog and hopefully 1 for my other crafty one and then working on some of the photos I took at the weekend - we went out on a photography day on Sunday which was lovely.

There's a big cloud hanging over me at the moment, even though the weather is turning round and the days are brighter for longer. I'm worried, I'm worried about our new house and how it's taking ages to be built and we're slowly going mad living in the loft coversion, I'm worried about my weight (aren't all women) and the fact that though I don't eat much I'm not getting enough exercise (too scared to go out and to cramped to do a workout video in here), I'm worried at the amount of meds I take very day, I'm worried about money, I'm worried about stupid people blowing up cars and I'm worried about Andrew, because he's worried about the seedlings all being a little leggy on it. They should make worrying an Olympic sport - I would be the gold medal and world record holder. Oh, Great Britian would be so proud.....

Arggh, all the medication and worry is totally messing up my sleep and during the course of writing this I have drifted off twice, I need a nap and I guess that's were 'part 2' will come in. I shall return later with Bloomin' Monday and a couple of stories from the lottie, lots of people there this weekend, fair weather gardeners *rolls eyes*...hugsxx


  1. Carrie girl I am with you with the Olympic sport of worry ! So you are NOT alone girl : )
    Hey I wrote about thanking you in my last post .. I finally got some contraption with peat pots and a mini green house dome .. all very scientific and too cute ? LOL
    I won't say "try not to worry" because we are worriers (too bad it isn't warriors ? LOL)
    and that is what we do .. so you have company in the oat of worries on the sea of life and no one is getting thrown off for how much they worry ! ;-)

  2. Oh Joy, you always make me smile. I think in a way we are 'warriors', we keep going, even through the worry and we get on with life and even (sometimes) enjoy it too ;)
    Saw your post - cool pots and may your shammrock work in giving you lots of luck xxx

  3. I understand about the worry, Carrie. I think I often cover over my worry with busyness and activity, and then it can come bursting out like some monster. Last night I burst into sobs after watching a Holocaust remembrance movie, so badly that F., who was studying in the other room, came running to see what was wrong -- and then I went on and on about the suffering in the world, and ended up listing a huge litany of personal worries at the end: about his studies, and my bank account, and the f-ing taxes, and the upcoming move, and my grandfather's illness, and so forth and so on. I felt enormously better afterward, and I hadn't even been aware I'd been holding all that in. Maybe you need a catharsis, too? I don't know.

    I do know you're not alone, and I think of you and wonder how you're doing, and I'm always glad to see on the RSS that you've written a new lovely post.

  4. Meredith - you are just too lovely for words xx


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