Thursday, 8 April 2010

Boys a dear, I'm a sleepy girl

I've just woken up! I know, it's getting close to 2pm! Now I was up earlier and fed Maggie and had breakfast, checked e-mails got washed and dressed - you know, the usual. Then I sat down to read my book and lo and behold here I wake up, book on the floor and I've lost time, hahaha. Thing is I'm trying really hard to keep my eyes open still, I wonder if the whole matchstick thing works?

I was looking at the last batch of photos I took at the lottie over the Easter break and found some you might like. Random I know but I thought I'd keep my wee story but Rowallane Gardens for tomorrow.

First off, the weather was so terrible here that the electric poles came down all over the show (lucky we weren't affected) and it took the gallant Northern Ireland Electricity repair men a good few days of putting the mess right ( poor loves out in all weathers up high ladders and what not). But on the up side Andrew found these on their way to being dumped - they're off the very top of one of the said poles, he wanted the glass too but it was broken. They're a bit odd to have at the lottie but we like them - answers on a postcard as to what use they could be used for. Or maybe they are just art - there for our enjoyment....

We took a dander round; as I showed yesterday Andrew had been seed planting like a mad man earlier that day so there was little left to do. Well, that's not technically true - I should imagine a really mad man would scatter seeds liberally all over the place and maybe eat some and put the rest in his ears....Andrew put out small amounts in perfectly straight rows and labeled them etc = not quite mad.

LOOOK!!!! ---drum roll---- PSB! Yes we have some little spears of the elusive purple sprouting broccolli! Bask in the glory with me... No I haven't pilfered someone elses and placed in amongst our leaves, nor have I painted a green spear purple, this is real and I am going to eat the whole dam thing myself in one mouthful to see what all this bloomin' fuss it about. I shall report back in due course.

Then as this blog is never all about 'proper gardening stuff' I have to show you Bill's beautiful border of mini daffs and Colin's new little Jack Russel puppy - aaawwww.

Hugs and kisses and through the sleepiness I am feeling better today - yipppee.(Thank you to all who left lovely comments about my photography in a gallery post - it's starting to sink in I think; there's a quiet little glow around my soul, it's surely helping me.) Maybe I needed sleep, maybe I need more sleep. Umm let's think about this, conquer some of the mountain of ironing, proof read a new archaeology book or have another nap which may be of great benefit to my mental health.... ;)


  1. Nap- you know it makes sense!
    Glad you are feeling a bit better - the ironing will wait until you are on top form. Can't you train Maggie to do it - I keep trying with my cat -she just isn't interested...

  2. I vote for the nap, and more basking in the glow of success well earned. :) Love the unusual garden art Andy got from the electricity mishap. So glad you are feeling better today. And you must tell us about the purple sprouting broccoli once you taste -- I'd never even heard of it until reading reports on several blogs from your part of the world, so I wonder if it is a specialty that wouldn't grow here (yet regular broccoli does) -- or perhaps not quite all the taste sensation it's reputed to be. Seems as if it would have caught on here otherwise...

  3. Nap without a second thought, sleep is very beneficial. I used to have a long-haired Jack Russell called Woody who was just bonkers. PSB wow I am jealous, I'm still waiting and no sign at all, I hope it's worth the wait!

  4. As above - I vote for the nap! I slept from 3pm-5pm today, it was awesome! Lovely pics, hope you enjoy your broccoli! Lauran x

  5. Hope you managed to get some more sleep. I haven't grown psb before, but I'm giving it a go this year. I'm hoping to have more stuff growing on the allotment over winter this year.


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