Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I don't like appointments, especially when the subject matter is me and my mental health, so today has been terribly tainted by a visit from my social worker. This was made all the worse because after an hour waiting for her and getting more and more uptight, I rang her office and she'd written down the wrong time in her diary. Luckily she was able to come straight over and luckily Mamma G had been in the house with me. I just hate lateness and the panicky feeling hasn't died down all day. So I'm grumpy and need Andy cuddles, but he's at an allotment committee meeting and so it's just me and you (Maggie is comfty with her Nana downstairs).

Prepare yourself for some devilishly clever play on words......
After months of going through a particularly awful and serious depression low I finally have some good news. My photography (developments - eh, get it?!)  has been accepted by a lovely gallery here in Co. Antrim and I am to hand in my first batch next week. The owners are absolutely lovely and both creative and artistic people. David is a stained glass specialist who has done churches, homes and our very own Stormont Castle - a large piece to commemorate the setting up of the offices of First and Deputy First Ministers. Stunning - see their studio here.

On top of that news, all our seedlings are just so excited to be growing (I imagine them having parties at night and being very rowdy - but I'm just mental). I must point out however that I have planted only some broad beans and sweet peas, Andrew has done EVERYTHING else and boy has there been a lot of it. Below are a few photos of the seedlings in the cold frames at the lottie but there are the same amount again on Mamma G's window sills and really goodness knows how many he had planted directly.

I haven't been down at the lottie except for about half an hour last week - my passion for life in general has dwindled and I am finding it more and more difficult to socialise or get things done.

Not quite back on my feet again and writing this is like pulling teeth, so I'm off to have another nap and then tomorrow I shall return with avengance. Hear me roar!!!! My heartiest wish is that you had a lovely Easter; I shall catch up on all the Easter-y posts later on tonight, thank you for you're Eastery wishes to me by the way x. Andrew and I went to Rowallane gardens and I'll hoke out some snaps from that day - it was lovely and Maggie had a whale of a time with all the the other dogs and sweet kids that wanted to play with her.

I WILL be cheerer tomorrow, promise x


  1. congratulations on your photos, hope you feel better tomorrow.

  2. Not sure why that link didn't work for me? But I did find it here

  3. Carrie girl that is a HUGE positive stamp on your forehead ! Having your photos accepted in a gallery .. I would have dropped on the floor if anyone said mine were that good : )
    Congratulations !! .. I have to stay on your good side now so I can say "I knew her when ..." LOL .. Seriously that is wonderful !
    All those seedlings .. it would overwhelm me .. I don't know how you guys do it ! Now I have a little .. tiny .. greenhouse to get the jump on some seeds/plants I still haven't gotten to that yet .. the raccoons wore us out totally ? haha
    I understand how you feel about the "late" thing .. it drives me nuts when people don't show up in time or I'm late for something (which RARELY occurs because I am obsessive about time) .. it is OK to feel pissed about it .. pissed in Canada means mad .. not drunk ? LOL .. lord .. I think getting up at 5:30 in the morning has me bonkers .. must go to bed SOON to catch up ! haha

  4. Carrie - congratulations!! - so pleased to hear about your photos - I hope you're feeling proud - I would love to be that good!

    Waiting for people sends my stress levels soaring, can understand how you feel! especially when it's not a meeting you're looking forward to - Hope she was of some help -

    Warm wishes - I'm hoping you feel better very soon - xxx

  5. That's wonderful news about your photos, well done! I hope you feel better tomorrow xx

  6. Those are some serious seedlings. Tell Andy my hat's off to him. I've been doing the garden virtually alone this season as the work for F.'s doctorate keeps him busy all the time, and I wonder sometimes if I can manage it or if it'll all fall to bits...

    But look at you, dear Carrie! I understand that subjectively you may be feeling so icky, but wow!! In a gallery. You'd have to weight down my shoes to keep me from floating if someone told me my photos were so worthy. I'm impressed, hon, and excited for you! You are a beautiful person, and what you see is just the beauty inside, captured by the camera in a magical way that translates to others. Feel better tomorrow.

  7. Hope you're feeling better today, Carrie. Many congratulations on getting your photographs accepted for a gallery, you must feel so proud, I know I would.


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