Monday, 19 April 2010

The Enchanted Earth

Why is it I always feel like a fevered child being held in the cool loving arms of a wonderful mother when I read Meredith's posts? I always feel calmer, the panic and the dam of tears ebb away and just for a little while I can breathe…..I’m not writing today, instead I am just sending everyone over to The Enchanted Earth...

Of course this means I could be saying goodbye to a lot of you, you'll see how great a writer she is and never want to read my gibberings again, but ....


  1. Carrie, you've made me blush now. You are too kind with the compliments -- and no one will leave you, hon. Your readers here are loyal, and rightfully so. Your blog is one of the few who has made it onto my streamlined RSS feed reader list when I narrowed it down to true favorites (it was getting overwhelming).

    You know that I am so glad to hear that reading my posts has a calming effect on you, so that you can breathe free for a moment. I wish you could have those moments all the time, and I do believe that a calmer and more joyous time and space is just around the corner for you.

  2. We enjoy Meredith, and we come back here too. I promise. (actually I came here AFTER I read hers first, so there!)

  3. I like her writing but a bit too eloquent for me, I like gibberings as that is all I can muster myself!

  4. Hi Carrie - thanks for putting this up - always good to find a calming blog - xxx


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