Tuesday, 30 June 2009


I took myself off for a while on Saturday, as I always try to do ~ spend time out in the field and let chats happen whilst I take photos. I really am trying to be more socialable and fight my anxieties tooth and nail. Sometimes it works and I come back to my plots feeling better and a little proud at my efforts; sometimes it doesn't go well and I come back a nervous wreck and end up going home. Depends on the day.

It went well on Saturday, I did have a terrible panic attack down there, but that happened later in the day. I am rigid with fear when I can't find someone and he's just dandered off for half an hour with out telling me ~ You know who you are!!!

Anyway my trip was inspired by our new nextdoor neighbours sign (A24B). It was so beautiful and unsual that I decided to take a walk and do a personal art tour of other peoples' plot number signs. I think it turned out to quite interesting and said a lot about the people who owned that plot (arty, practical, economical, kids on site...)

Here's our 2 - what it says about me? I like colour, smashing up tiles and have too much time on my hands, hahaha.

This is my first ever attempt at a meme with the aid of Mr. Linky, which friends like VP and May Dreams Gardens use. I would love it if you joined in, bascially and honestly, because I'm dead nosey! I would love to see your plot number/house number sign. Just a close up, no worries about me coming to steal your garden, honestly!!! ;)

Mr Linky has failed me, or maybe I failed it, I didn't want to pay for his services. Everything bar this particular bloggette went missing eeekkk! So if you would like to help me be as nosey as possible and share your number please just leave a link in the comments box. If not, well we live and learn....... (shy smile)


  1. Brilliant idea, I'll get a photo of our sign for you tomorrow. Oh I do envy your cooler weather - and rain! You're even supposed to get rain, I want some!

  2. What a nice idea! I love to see front doors too. I should make a nice number for the front of our house. Ours is so boring - nothing I'd want to take a picture of. Your post is inspiring me to get creative with it. :) -Jackie

  3. Hi Carrie - I've had second thoughts about directing you and possibly others to the link I've put in my first comment.

    I'm planning a post for tomorrow instead, which will I hope bring you some more visits and entries for your meme.

    I came back to delete the comment and it's follow-up one as it makes no sense on its own, but your version of the comment form doesn't allow me to do so. Could you delete them for me please. Thank you

  4. Hi Carrie - my sign post's (!) up - I do hope it gets some more people to come over here and join in :)

  5. Don't have a sign to add - but it's a lovely idea. Am green with envy over about Wimbledon. we don't get to see it at all here and it's one of the things i really miss about Britain :(


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