Monday, 1 June 2009

Am I doing something wrong?

It being JUNE! today, I checked my monthly statistics on Statcounter and found that my recent increase has fallen a good bit over the last month. I shouldn't care about popularity and I don't compare myself to other bloggers but unfortunately I can't help but compare myself to myself.

So, I ask. What am I doing wrong?

Really ~ What do you want to read more of in this blog and what should I stop talking about?
Does the whole thing need a shake up, a new layout or something?
Do Statistics even matter, or is it time to pack up?


  1. Lots of bloggers have that problem and wonder if anyone is reading what you write. Don't worry just keep writing and think about what you like to read on other people's blogs. I've been blogging for over four years now and I still have moments when I wonder if its all just for me. But then I just like writing and can meander on and on and ......Val

  2. I agree with Valeri, I write my blog for me and if anyone else reads it that's just a bonus. I read your blog and I like the way that you post regularly and put in lots of photos. Keep up the good work and chill out - it's summer!

  3. I have spent far less time on the computer since the warm sunny weather. there's so many things to do outside... I think it's probably the same for everyone. Don't worry at all xx

  4. I've been kind of feeling the same way. I seem to be attracting quite a few readers, but getting very little feedback. This makes me wonder if my content isn't interesting enough, or a thousand other things. I see fellow bloggers that have people literally begging to have their blogs posted, plus getting a ton of comments. Then I wonder --- am I doing something wrong? So, I feel you!

  5. Hi Carrie

    I sometimes read and don't always post sorry I shouldn't rumage through cupboards without speaking as Joco would say.
    Actually I have had 2 weeks out of 4 visiting my Dad so had lots of blogging to catch up on barely looked at Blotanical and with all the gardening that I need to catch up on something suffers as well as housework.
    I expect others are also out gardening instead of sitting at their computers.

  6. Huge thank you hugs to you all for commenting. I had a major crisis of confidence yesterday about everything in my life and just went a little potty for a while. What you all say is entirely true - people are out there in their gardens rather than in the house reading about someone elses. I just don't go out on my own and even though the sun is blazing I can't gather the strength to go into the back garden let alone any farther - therefore the blogging world is my escape and can really mean more than anything to me and my sanity. I can't and wouldn't want others to feel that way about a silly on line journal. As I said, big hugs to you all, you really helped a sad, lonely girl today xx

  7. You silly mare, it's because I went on holiday! Seriously though if I were you I'd stop looking.

  8. hey don,t stop now - i,ve ony just discovered you!

  9. Oops..I'm just catching up... I love your blog Carrie. Your honesty is inspiring, and your writing is so friendly and enjoyable. The "you" that you present is interesting, funny, and sweet.

    I sometimes follow different trails, and get sidetracked by one thing or another. But I always come back and catch up on the things I enjoy. Your blog is one of those. Don't change.


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