Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A magical mystery photo tour of our plots

Bad, bad, bad day, so very very bad. I feel like my head is about to explode so excuse this attempt at a bloggette today. Much love x

Strawberries coming and Asparagus flowers

Broad Beans (yummy) and Bramble berry flowers

Borlotti Beans starting to climb and leeks are in

Peas reaching for the sky; a forest of carrot seedlings

White cosmos (love them) and a pea forming inside it's flower
I'll be better tomorrow, you see if I'm not; grrrr ~ I am woman, hear me roar!
(Weak, whimpering 'Meow' at the moment)


  1. I try to look closer at your Borlotti Beans. Is it climbing on an iron frame?...

    ~ bangchik

  2. Yes my dear Bangchik, it is a iron frame. See this post
    ~ they're Mamma G's old front gates.

  3. Love your photos, Carrie! My fav is the peas reaching for the blue, blue sky!

  4. Our strawberries are further on than yours! I say this with glee, because every single other thing is ages behind - that or we're not even growing any, like asparagus - very exciting!

  5. Whites lovely they are. Did you grow them from seed?

  6. Islandgardener - thanks for the nice comment, i do love taking photos.

    EB - You are a cheeky girl, it's not a strawberry riping competition (unless I'm winning...)!

    Red Studio - Hello and welcome. I didn't grow these ones from seed, no. My hubby bought a pack of 6 one day on his way home from work, ahh, the romance isn't dead!


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