Wednesday, 3 June 2009

1st yummy harvest of the new season!

Turnips!! I love them.
We've grown loads more of the fabulous 'Purple Top Milan' again this year and we are not disappointed, they're doing well and we had our first harvest on Sunday. The first thing apart from stinky cabbages, which neither of us like, (why grow things you don't want to eat??) that we have lovingly and excitedly plucked from the ground and gobbled up. Oh, so yummy and there are lots more where they came from. We even had to resurrect the harvest basket, yippeee!

They are just heavenly roasted with a selection of other tasty veggies and I personally like a little brown sauce or indeed recently BBQ sauce with mine. Not too much because the peppery flavour of these is divine. Actually roasted and put in with other veggies into couscous is the best ever, no sauce required- I'm getting hungry now!

Anyway, HOORAH, if there is one thing guaranteed to cheer you up, it's eating something you've grown yourself. There are lots of other plants putting forth their produce too at the moment but I haven't loaded the photos onto the computer, duh!!! I'll show off a bit more tomorrow, hehe.

Plus I found a new game ~ 'Find the Cheeky Nasturtium before the Hubby does'; they are coming up all over the place, not that I mind but it's not making Andrew very happy!

There are about 6 more different photos but if I put them all up Andrew will work out where they all are!!!!

Here's one that even tried it's hardest to grow out of the compost bin, hahaha.

Tonight is Committee Meeting night so Andrew will be off for goodness knows how many hours, talking over and over points and jumping through hoops and cutting through red tape nonsense - I have the beer in the fridge for his return.


  1. Just hope Andrew will contribute something useful for the committee meeting tonight..., and surely a nice drink to cool down things on his return.

    Turnips look nice and as you said yummy, yummy..... I am thinking if turnips can be grown here in Putrajaya. I will the seeds and give turnips a SHOT!

    Happy Gardening, carrie.

    ~ bangchik

  2. Nothing nicer than picking your own grown vegetables and your turnips look lovely! Val

  3. It is alway exciting to harvest from our own garden. I have just picked butter crunch lettuce we are enjoying in salads.


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