Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stuff and nonsense

It's indicative of how I'm feeling recently, I haven't any concentration, I can 't settle myself and read a book and tend to either fall asleep because my mind is flitting around so much or I end up doing a million jobs, - starting them at least. This weekend on the Lotties was the least garden-y that I think I've had so far. I ended up making things for bits for stuff laying around the shed, our house, my bag.
Thank goodness for Andrew, I haven't a clue about our crops, apart from the photos I've been taking and a few harvests. I do know that the 'bloody brassica bed is sh*t this year' but that's about it. I can't concentrate and when I do mediation/mindfulness, I just hear screaming in my head!!!?!!
So, here is what I did on our plots at the weekend.
  • Make 1 important yet over complicated sign for our new half plot
  • Paint the flower box window sill, the posts at the back of the plot and the bench we were given a couple of months ago
  • Make a great big wire and bead flower sculpture for the side of the shed (?)

The Sign

Again to tie in with the 24a sign I did ages ago in the dull and boring winter, see here. This time I used exactly the same materials but I didn't have another butterfly and instead used my Grow Veg forum keyring. Well it is pretty and it's a little advert too, so I'm pleased. Andrew made the sign supports up for me and of course I had to paint them, I had too!


I had a paint brush in my hand (or at least very close to me) all day on Sunday. If it didn't move, it got painted. I have wanted to do bits and pieces for a while but instead I did it all in the one day. The bench looks new and the self looks much more impressive than the cobbled together cut offs of rough wood that it is. And it blends in with the shed now, showing off the flowers more.

The Sculpture

Never have I tried to make a sculpture before, but I had to do something with my hands! I couldn't cope with people and had been having panic attacks talking to them. So on with the headphones and a lovingly cleared out our shed (done by Andrew on Saturday; a huge job, which involved turfing loads of stuff out and building more selves, putting up more hooks etc - great job - big kisses to my man) I set to work. Using fruit support wire (I don't know what it's called, but that's what we've used it for), nippers and my hands I created this. I did have to take it home to get it finished but I was glad for the distraction yesterday.

As words are the enemy today I shall leave it at that. Photos speak many words anywho and I've rambled enough. I'll show you some of the actual, beneficial work Andrew did tomorrow. x

Check out the photo of the folded up BBQ on it's hook in the previous blog - remembered to take a pic last night.


  1. I think your wire sculpture is very impressive, it's the sort of thing I would be tempted to buy for the garden if I saw it in a garden centre? Have you thought about making items like that to sell on Ebay? Hope all well, Lauran x

  2. Yes, I completely agree with Lauran, I love it and I'd buy one!

  3. I love your wire sculpture! You are so talented! You should sell them on Etsy or eBay. I work with metal and wire a little bit. I used to do lots of small metalworking - mostly with copper and silver. I used to make these small butterfly plant picks and photo holders out of copper sheets and wire. I'll have to post them one day. I wish I had more time to that sort of thing but my job keeps me from it. -Jackie

  4. Both the sign and sculpture are fabulous. I'm just a tinsy bit jealous :)

  5. You're all just too nice. Thank you x

  6. Carrie, I'm so sorry about your relative who has died by suicide. I cannot leave you a message on that post so I'm leaving it right here. I hope you are feeling better today. While I'm on this post, I want to compliment you on your talent...you are a wonderful sculptor! It looks like a sunburst...it is absolutely gorgeous! Have you thought of taking orders? You'd get many, I'm sure;-) Please do take good care of yourself, Carrie.


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