Tuesday, 16 June 2009

That's the ticket

A man has won the lottery £25m and one of the things he's planning to spend it on? Professional advice about his Allotment. Love it!!!!!


  1. Brilliant! Can you be professional about allotments, though? Aren't they somehow inherently amateur, like the Olympics or something?

  2. Specifically his carrots. I have every sympathy, carrots are my nemisis too. I'm growing parmax (globe carrots) this year - to still not much sucess perhaps he would pass on any hints and tips...?

  3. I think if he can pay for the advice, that's OK, but he is short-changing himself on the fun of the learning process of gardening and the bits of knowledge we obtain as we move along with our gardens...

  4. Carrots - send him to me. Carrots are my favourite thing to grow and with my ooh... almost a whole years experience in the matter of growing carrots..ooh.. and for a small fee!!...

  5. I get your point EB I do like the definate un-professional aspect to allotmenteering. But, if I was having such trouble with my carrots maybe I'd feel differently, haha.

    I much prefer the plonk it in and see what happens approach and asking others on the plot what they did, it's a great way to learn and socailise too.

    Tash - you should put yourself forward as his expert, he may pay well!!!


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