Friday, 12 June 2009

A few visual nibbles of Field B and 'the Trinty' moves plots

As I've been saying, I haven't really been focused much recently and unfortunately my roar has not returned though it is slightly louder than the feeble meow of Wednesday. I've been sick, very sick and therefore not down at the Lotties with Andrew as I should and really, I should, they need watered and it takes my poor hubby ages on his own, I need to pull my weight. Though in saying that there is heavy rain forecast for this weekend...

Anywho, last week I took a dander into Field B and here are a few photos of some lovely plots over there. I am particularly jealous of the irises and rocking bench in B8 and quite intrigued by the green roof idea that B24a is obviously planning. Plus, thank goodness one of 'the plots of shame' has been tackled with weedkiller and a spade and another is just waiting to get started with all those pallets (that's a lot of raised bed material right there!). Please look and enjoy your quick tour around our neighbours' field......

I can't remember what number this plot is but it is one of my favourites, these photos are too close up to do it justice as a whole lottie though.....

Plus, of course whilst I was doing that Andrew was actually working and he moved the Trinity of compost bins and took the opportunity to give the contents a good turning and adding shredded paper etc were needed. All 3 are now in the new half plot 14b right at the far end and the space where they had been is going to be a lovely new bed to grow things in. Andrew has made a stone wall around it (looks a little unnervingly like a fresh grave) and wants to have blueberry bushes and our rhubarb in there.

I'm desperately hoping this weekend is better and I'll lots to tell you. x


  1. Everbody seems to be very much involved with their gardens... lovely, well taken cared.

    Cheer up, get up and roar!!!

    ~ bangchik

  2. Thanks for the tour -- the lupines were lovely, as was the rainbow. Hope you get your roar back soon! Janet

  3. Bangchik - (quiet but diffenately loud enough to hear if you listen hard) "roar!"

    Janet - I'm working on that roar (see above, haha) x

  4. Take care a little exercise on the lottie might help the T cells going, or some such things!


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