Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Field C, how I had neglected you...

With our Allotment Site now being officially the largest in the Island of Ireland, it is pretty easy to be overwhelmed and stick to what you know. I find that in walking down to my Plots and back to the car park I see Field C quite well. However, during my time at my Lotties I barely think to go and dander around it, taking in all the fabulous work that goes on there and clicking away with my camera. Well on Saturday that changed. Here is a whistle stop tour around Field C. I met a few very nice people (sorry I have a brain like a sieve when it comes to names) and saw some really good plots (and ideas I'd like to pilfer).

There are a few plots that have yet to be started, but in the main, the fellows in this field are cracking on a pace. I think the fact that most of them had been waiting for a plot and therefore had time to plan and get things gathered together has helped in that respect.

I wish them continued good luck and sorry again if I seem to ignore you. Field A is my home and I have a bias I guess.....While I'm at it ~ sorry to Field D too. :)

Self explanatory and just plain pretty and inviting

2 fabulous plots bursting with produce

Bird scarier and slug/pigeon/everything protection for precious cabbages

Is it just me or is there joy in seeing perfect, neat rows of veg?


  1. Looks like you guys have a lot to keep you busy! It looks amazing...good thing you have help! After seeing brown and gray all winter, it must feel great to see all that green!

  2. Generally I go for neatness, when it comes to gardening. Therefore array of plants. The other day Kakdah was laughing, when I borrowed her sewing tape to get precise spacing for spinach, red and green.

    There is joy in seeing things precisely done...

    ~ bangchik

  3. I love the straight rows, but I like seeing the signs of ingenuity and creativity even more!

  4. A very well ordered allotment.

  5. Thank you for the kind words on out Lotties, when you really know them you realise they aren't all neat and ordered at all. Most of the time it's just a little patch here and there that looks picture perfect. Fear not Bangchick Andrew measures out things too, though not often with my sewing tape, he just uses the trowel as a standard distance apart. I personally love ordered lines of veg and more creativity when it comes to flowers.


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