Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Wimbledon Shimbledon

Ah, the comfort of one's own home, the cool fresh air of Northern Ireland (currently NOT having a heatwave), toilet breaks without queues or disturbing people and strawberries and cream galore, all for free!!!! Hahahahaha! Plus I get to see close up action, hear great commentary and don't have someone sitting in front of me with a big head, oh, and I don't get tennis-watching-neck at home. Who needs to travel all the way to Wimbledon to have a good tennis day?

Our strawberries have been joyous this year, just loads of them and oh so tasty. I would show you a photo of the bag we have in the fridge but I fear you would only come to hate me. Hehe. I just had a bowl of them with my low-fat cream and sprinkles and it was so good. We didn't get any last year, but this year has been great and only a fraction have succumbed to the darn pigeons. How annoying are they?!! They take a single large peck out of them and move on to the next one, aaaarrrggghhhh, it's so infuriating. Now that I've mentioned them, the rest of the berries will be gone won't they? Pride before a fall....

Anyway, back to the tennis. No worries about watering everything. Sometimes rain is fabulous.


  1. I love fresh strawberries! I would be jealous if you posted a pic of them ;) - the chipmunks keep eating ours and we don't have much for ourselves. -Jackie

  2. It's an ACE!!..... lovely strawberries Carrie.

  3. Where is the cream to go with that tantalizing strawberry girl ? LOL
    Now you will have me thinking about that all day !! Damn ! LOL

  4. Chipmunks! They are such funny little creatures. I've only seen them on TV but I suppose to you they're a real pest. Cheeky things, stealing your berries.

    Nice one Bangchick - you're Ace!

    There was cream, oh, there was cream! But shame forbid me to put up a photo. Lol x


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