Wednesday, 8 July 2009

other people's plots and produce to be jealous about

I love my friends in field A, they are approachable, funny and passionate about the lotties, blah blah, blah. But sometimes I tell you, they grate on my nerves! Just look at some of the great plots and fab produce they are growing. One person even has a pumpkin (the darn plants just WILL NOT fruit for us ~ conspiracy??) and look at Ronnie's onions drying~they are huge and just perfect. (I'm not that jealous about this though as onions and I have a very bad relationship - they make me very ill).

That broccoli head is massive, the photo doesn't really show that.

Overview photos are of Mary, Colin and Bobby's plots (just a few great ones).......

Down at the lotties last night was very disheartening as the wind, the damn wind!, was blowing a gale in our field; battering some plants to actual death on our new plot 14b. It's because we haven't got any wind breaks up yet in that plot and the site as a whole has no shelter, especially after the disastrous hedge 'trim' (read 'massacre') we had recently.

Ah well, I am really happy that my friends are doing so well, honestly. After all it isn't a competition.
However! I do have this ......

and that trumps everything everyone could grow!


  1. Carrie, I just love the final picture of the puppy.
    I thought the word verification on my bunny post was a funny coincidence, what are the odds of that ever happening again?
    Have a great day.

  2. Whoa cute dog alert!
    Wind is a difficult one. On the plus side you could always hang a line and get your washing dry while you do the lottie. Umm not really feasible I guess (back to the drawing board).

  3. I admit - I sometimes have vegetable envy too! Thanks for sharing Carrie.

  4. Tell me about it. I have like a two month growing season. I grow lettuce, and I am dang envious of tomato growers, and pumpkin growers alike. I have got to move.
    Nice post.

  5. That has always been the way carrie... theirs always slightly better than ours. But that will keep the adrenalin flowing to come up with an equally good produce if not better..

    haha.. I have no one to compare. No one does vegetable gardening in my neighborhood!!

    Have a nice day Carrie

  6. What a lovely post Carrie.

  7. Thank you very much for all the nice comments and the empathy; darn wind and other people's superior produce! x


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