Thursday, 23 July 2009

Right, enough whinging

Okay, so I have had a terrible time of it but I have to share the good with the bad. I am glad to say that I am feeling stronger and even managed a walk with the dog and a photographic trip out into the back garden yesterday by myself. I just needed rest, lots of it and I still need more but I can cope better today and therefore here I am with all the love and thanks in the world to those who encouraged me and supported me through yet another blip.

Here are a few of those photos from yesterday, it was sunny for a while!!....

Insects; fascinating up close.

I have concentrated on the photography side of things and opened my own on line shop of pics from holidays, but mainly from the allotments and of nature in general. I only opened it yesterday and already sold one photo! We did visit the lottie last night but to be honest I have been neglecting it and found it to be overwhelming - too much to do! Plus I made the mistake of dandering over to Bobby's plot (which is eerily perfect in every way) and made myself ill with jealousy. My strength suddenly was zapped from me and we went home! What an effect the 'competition' can have on you, so silly.

Plus our new road is so far looking far from promising. I hope major improvements are afoot as the new hardcore that's been put down is already potholed and terribly thin (to my, albeit, untrained eyes), as a surface for delivery lorries and the odd car to drive down, never mind a person to walk down safely. Arrrgghhhh! I hate it when things aren't done right. I must give them the benefit of the doubt and just hope it gets good.

So, as I said, I still need a heck of a lot of rest so I'll leave it here for today.

I just want to thank those who cared, worried and wrote messages, it honestly helped; when I am so low I can't see a way out and you helped me fight on xx


  1. Good to have you back. Love the photos.

  2. Great, your blip is over and you are winning! Knew you would ! Keep on snapping and posting when you can. Have a good rest, and don't worry about the lottie, after all it's only a place to grow lovely food, which you seem to be doing.

    have a great week-end with Andrew and Maggie. xxx

  3. Carrie girl .. I'm so sorry you have suffered through a bad phase .. I have also been going through one myself .. misery loves company ? ;-)
    You photograps are beautiful .. I'm sure you will be selling many many more and that will cheer you up I hope.
    Take Care ... I will try to come back more often to see how you are doing.

  4. allot of veg~ thank you, it's good to be back, I hate to miss out on others' stories ;) I'll be back to my usual self soon, at least I have a bit more ooophh now and can actually be bothered to engage in the world!

    maureen~ Thank you again for all your support, we have a good saturday weather wise tomorrow and guess where we'll be?? Plus I think tonight is the big beetroot chutney making night :) But there will be a lot of resting going on too!

    Joy ~ I am so sorry that you too have been going through a bad phrase, I hope you had love and support to help to get through it. You now have mine to add to that my friend. I certainly hope I do sell more photos, I felt like worth something today as I posted my first order off. I have earnt £4, not much but the first money I've made in a very long time, years. Do come back and visit you always leave such nice messages x

  5. Hi Carrie... when things got messy, a friend of mine used to say this "one at a time"....

    nice photos.

    ~ bangchik

  6. Carrie - I'm so sorry to have missed you when most needed. But go back to your last post and compare what you've said about photography.

    You've sold a photo already - that's marvellous! You really can do it :)

    Now, the next time the gremlins bite you have a Before and After to go back to which shows the good times do indeed follow the bad.

    Take care

  7. Dogs, gardening and photography have helped me! Looks like it is doing the same for you!

  8. Bangchik, Joanne, VP and Matron - just hearing from you all and knowing you took the time to leave message, I can't explain it, it means too much. I'm so up and down these days (mostly down and then further down to be honest) that I really do need friendly support. One day at a time is diffenatley a good way to tackle life.
    Selling a photo really made me emotional, I can still hardly belive it. I felt like 'somebody' instead of useless nobody Carrie.


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