Friday, 3 July 2009

An overview of our rather bountiful plots

I took photos for my archives of the plots at the end of June, just to see how far we'd come. Now that we have so swiftly moved in July I'm using a different folder for this months pics and forgot about the overviews. So here we are, they were taken as the sun was setting on a rather lovely day.


There is just so much going on in there. We're really pleased with everything though the dreaded blight is affecting our Maris Piper potatoes, there is rust on the Garlic, and the darn pigeons are eating the brussel sprout leaves. But the broad beans have just been giving and giving, we're using ones we planted in the Autumn first and then the second spring planting and starting to plump up too. The peas and the beetroot (can't beet 'Boltardy') are gorgeous!! And all the climbing beans (runner, french and borlotti )are starting to flower. If I told you everything I'd be here all day.

What you can't see in the overview is 'the grave' with the rhubarb and 2 new blueberry bushes in it. Here it is separately. Oh and sadly one of my fab sunflowers in the second photo (you remember, the sunflower hedge idea, right?) has broken off at the bottom. Completely my fault, I tied each one to a support and them forgot to check only that one as they all grew, thus the string ate into the stem and 'snap!' :(

A14 b

I only took one photo of this for an overview, we still haven't tackled the other half yet. But we are doing very well and have it all planned. Plus I spent the Sunday last week on my hands and knees laying black membrane for the bark mulch path. We got our first section down last night, with some careful cropping you can see how good it's going to look. The bark is a good few inches thick so it costs a bit to do this, it may take a while.....

I'm rather proud of this plot, it's where our early potatoes (2 varieties though you can only see one here), our leeks (which look great), squashes and a celeriac bed are. It's the first time we've grown celeriac and so far things are looking good, fingers crossed. Plus, of course, it is where my flower border is and it's filling up nicely and the massive blue container where there are loads of carrot seedling emerging. In fact I think I'll do a big collage of all the different blooms, as they are looking fab at the moment and post it on Monday.
Plus in that last photo you can see other people's plots too. I must not be so selfish and next week I will show you some great things that others are doing, promise.


  1. I think you should be very proud your plots look AMAZING and you've got a great selection of fruit and veg. I must check my sunflowers too they've really shot up and My ties are probs to tight too!

  2. Argh, I haven't take the pictures I said I would. I'm sorry. But your progress looks very impressive. Love the "grave"!

  3. You aren't being selfish...this is YOUR blog, to show off YOUR stuff;-) You guys are working so hard and it shows! What a wonderful bounty you will harvest! It all looks terrific.

  4. Oh your plot looks great - I feel so inadequate!
    I will have to post some 'fess up pics soon.
    Well done both there must have been hours of work to get to this stage.

  5. Carrie your allotment always looks so well cared for.

  6. Tash - Thank you very much, we are quite proud. We work very hard on it together. x

    EB - I'm beginning to love 'the grave' too and Andrew is eventually going to plant alpines in it so it will look cute someday!

    Jan - Thank you! I look showing off our hard work but there are some others who also work everyday and their plots and produce can be inspiring too. Must share x

    Allotofveg - NO don't feel inadequate! We work there a lot, maybe too much! But we love it x

    Joanne - thanks we love it to be neat and tidy as well as growing good food. Could you send me that Dr Bransfield stuff again, I'm a nincompoop and can't find it! x


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