Thursday, 16 July 2009

The one that got away...

Yesterday we discovered a little amphibian friend under our wheelbarrow, well to be honest it was Andrew who found it and squealed like a little girl. He says it was more like a yelp but it really wasn't. I managed to get this photo of him but he had hopped away before I could attempt a kiss - he could have been a handsome Prince!
Plus we ate a fabulous soup for dinner, made by my very 'brave' hubby. It was made with our own freshly lifted early potatoes, broad beans, peas, garlic, parsley, mint (and a bought leek ~ ours aren't ready yet). Then, for dessert we had the last of our strawberries and some cream. Fantastic!!


  1. I love to see frogs in the garden. Anything that eats bugs is a friend of mine! Your dinner sounds delicious! Strawberries and cream is one of my favorites desserts. -Jackie

  2. I like to have frogs in the garden but theu always make me jump when I find one.

  3. Such a marvelous hubby.... aren't you lucky, Carrie.

    ~ bangchik


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