Friday, 31 July 2009

Forgive me...

I am trying to give my webpage a facelift for it's upcoming 1st birthday. This could go horribly wrong..

Okay a million hours later.....what do you think? Be honest. Is it too much, too much colour, too many detractions. Oh I've been staring and staring at the screen trying lots and lots of different combinations.

I shan't be happy until I know if it was a mistake or you like it. With the meds I'm on - it's near impossible to make decisions these days.

HELP xxxx


  1. Hi Carrie, it looks fine it really does and I am so glad you didn't use BLACK for a background. I can't stay on blogs that have black backgrounds for too long, I find them hard to read and a bit depressing to be honest. I gave my blog a few subtle changes last week, just a change of text and no borders on the photo's, I've decided I want a simple look, I even thought of taking away the different coloured text for each post, but I can't do with too many changes at once, like you I'm indecisive.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. Oh I know what you mean about dark backgrounds I can't read off them either. I doubt I've finished messing around with this...but thanks for you feedback, very much appreciated. Have a good weekend too xxx

  3. Carrie, I LOVE the new design. Its bright and funky without detracting from the content. You obviously have a flare with colour and design. All the best, Michelle.

  4. I agree with Chellebab,
    It is bright and funky. I so like it!

  5. I love the new layout! I can read the text much easier and the flowery edges are so bright, cheery and funky. Well done on creating a really eye-catching blog.

    Sorry I haven't been around but I've been really down and sorry to read that you have had your ups and downs too.

    Sending big hugs and a brilliant growing season to you.

    Tatsoi (from the BBC boards)

  6. Chellebab, Mangocheeks (LOVE that name) and Jane (tatsoi! Hello stranger)

    Thank you so much for your nice comments.xx I'm getting used to the layout now and I like it. I was hoping it would be scene as 'bright and funky' so thanks Chellebab and Mangocheeks.

    Jane - I also made the text bigger and changed the setting. I can read it better now too. So sorry you've been down, hugs and love petal. Come visit more often though! :)


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