Monday, 27 July 2009

Little acts of kindness

At the weekend (I have a good bit to write about this week) there were a few random acts of kindness around the lotties, a lovely community spirit.

Firstly Gary's plot was all strimmed down and then mown for him by Bobby, Doug and Andrew. It was hard work and took a couple of hours for the 3 of them but they didn't complain and threw themselves into the task. The sun was blazing on them as well and it was tiring just to look at them. I didn't help because the grass was over my knee height and in flower, my hay fever was bad enough over on my own plots with all that pollen flying around! Through my hay fever meds are a godsend to be fair, sometimes they are just pushed to the limit, hahaha. Hopefully Gary won't find the sight of his plot too heart wrenching now when he gets back, his work has been sending him off to Scotland recently.

Then there was the happy news that we have more preserves being made by Ronnie and Bill's lovely wife and set aside for our stall on the fun day. Andrew and I spent hours making chutney on Friday night (I'll tell you about it tomorrow), so we know only too well how much effort goes into producing stuff and then there is the added knowledge that it isn't all for you to eat!!!

We were given lots of unwanted pavers on Sunday for free for the second plot. They're great quality and a good size but I'll leave that for another day too.

Lastly I was given the most beautiful bouquet of sweet peas, completely out of the blue by Donald. How nice was that?!!! Take note my love, another man giving me flowers! Donald's sweet peas are fabulous, so many colours and the plants are huge, tall and heavy with flowers; after I was given that delicious smelling bunch I was spurred on to gave my much smaller and less productive plants a good feed ;)

My depression was horrendous over the weekend, it helped being down at the lotties on Saturday and keeping myself very busy. I worked so hard and you probably wouldn't even notice ~ don't you just hate that! But Sunday I couldn't even go at all. I sat all dressed to go but couldn't leave the house. How can I hurt so much when there is no wound to heal?

Today is another BAD day so I'm off now to try and calm down on the sofa. Been depressed and uber panicky since I woke up and shaking even with a good dose of meds. Taken a little extra and hoping for peace soon, I find this all very distressing and frightening. I'm tired.

It's a lovely day outside and Maggie is sunning herself on the bench in the back garden; she's such a cutie.

Thank you all for the continued support and kind encouraging words x


  1. Carrie Lovely Sweet Peas.
    I am so sorry you are having a bad time.

    Hugs Joanne

  2. Beautiful sweet-peas Carrie, isn't there a lot of kindness in the world ? and it does your heart good to receive some especially when you are feeling down. Get out and enjoy the sun with Maggie tomorrow if it's nice. take care xx

  3. Carrie, such a good community spirit at allotment. Gardening is the focal point for good values to be nourished.

    And for you, there are shoulders to lean on. That's what anyone needs in time of hardship and depression. So writing is good as a vent to let things out, for scrutiny later.

    Happy Gardening Carrie,
    ~ bangchik

  4. Joanne, Maureen and Bangchik ~ you always leave such nice comments, it makes my day. Thank you. I guess you are constantly giving me little gifts in that way, listening to me when I'm down and giving me support from all over the world. Hugs to you all x

  5. Hi Carrie, I just came here from seeing your comment on Jan's blog. I have had mild depression for quite awhile. I was on meds for awhile, but the side effects were worse for me than the depression.

    I got teary reading this post, because my daughter is on meds for depression, and doesn't always take them consistently. I can usually tell when she's not.

    I'll have to check out your other blog. It sounds from your more recent posts that things are going better than the day you wrote this. I hope so.


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