Monday, 8 June 2009

Homemade beer 'fridge' and a bbq

During the past weeks we had been blessed with some very nice days and on such occasions we love nothing more than a wee BBQ or picnic down the Lottie. I've mentioned this before but exciting news my friends we have a new little BBQ and Andrew worked out how to keep beer cold on a hot Lottie day...

First to the beer, it's more important. Andrew saw something about this on a science programme once and his brain is specially wired to remember important yet random pieces of information, so this idea came back to him rather quickly. For this fab foray into the world of beverages and their temperature you will need :

  • 1 bucket

  • some cold water from the outdoor tap

  • 1 terracotta pot

  • 1 large stone

  • some beer

Now, you dip the pot in the bucket of cold water and totally soak it inside and outside upside and down. Let it sit a moment, it needs to be saturated. Then take the beverage of choice (we choose beer - Chinese in this case) and place it on the ground. Take your very damp pot, run it upside down and place it over the bottles, place the stone over the drainage hole. Leave the pot to dry in the shade.

Through the magic of science which I am sure you can look up somewhere (something to do with condensation etc) the bottles are cold once the pot is dry!!!!! Ta Da ..."Whoa!!", I hear you declare in awe.

Then we move onto the new BBQ, a bucket shaped one that only cost about £6. I really need to get a photo of it all collapsed down; it folds up and just hangs on a hook in the shed. Here it is in this fiery glory and again when it was HOT!!! The heat from the wee thing was exceptional and we could have cooked enough for a small army, as it was there was only us and the lovely Mamma G present.

Also, there seems to be some love in the air - Maggie and Gus like each other, ooohhhhh!!!


  1. I will have to try this outdoor beer fridge for my next BBQ!

  2. A very neat BBQ set.... I havent got one yet...

    Have a good day,
    ~ bangchik

  3. Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Love the pics of Maggie. -Jackie


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