Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Newton's 3rd law

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

I decided a few days ago when I was feeling better than I do today that 'depression and anxiety have opposites ~ love and hope. I am not giving up this fight to move forward with my life, I have love and I have hope and they have EQUAL POWER. I must remember the strength that lies within.'

I'm glad I wrote that down for myself, today is terrible and I needed a pep talk from the real Carrie. Also I have read all the comments left by you, my most loyal and supportive of readers and I thank you once more.

So, today I feel crap but I have my blankets, my little portable radiator by my side and the sound of the rain pelting down on the Velux windows. I've decided I like these windows, this is the first house I have lived in were there are any. I love to lie here on our Ikea sofa (bargin!!) and watch the clouds go by. Though today there is just one massive cloud over N Ireland so the view is, well, white.

Tonight there is another committee meeting. I am loathed to even think about it but as Andrew is going and the minutes of the last meeting arrived yesterday and the allotment forum page is up on this laptop all the time (Andrew not me) I am finding it hard to ignore. They always seem to descend into arguments and take much longer than the alloted 2 hours. But one good thing is wine is always brought home after ~ to calm Andrew's nerves and just tickle my taste buds while I listen to the whole saga.

Oh, there is unhappiness at the plots and it isn't just about the weather. I have mentioned it before but there is an Exordinary General Meeting proposed, some people are just so fed up. I for one am staying out of it, politics in N Ireland drives me up the walls anyway, I have an allotment to get away from such crap. The forums (though I try very hard not to listen to Andrew) are full of people letting off steam and others trying to clam them down and remind them WE HAVE ALLOTMENTS and that is a good thing; it's all that matters. If we rough up the waters too much with our council we may be seen as an nuisance and god knows what would happen then. I, like many other people down there, NEED my plots. I don't just want it, it is therapy and....oh bother I'm getting annoyed again. (Go to your happy place Carrie...)


More importantly we bought our seed potatoes yesterday. Damned if I can remember the variety, hold on til I ring Andrew......  Pentland Javlin (1st earlies) and  British Queens (2nd earlies). We aren't doing my favourite Maris Piper this year because we always seem to get horrendous blight on our main crops. Fingers crossed these do well, once we finally get to our plot to plant them and more importantly, fingers crossed they taste yummy and mash well!



  1. Hey Carrie, your first paragraph reminded me very much of Martin Seligman's Positive Psychology - have you ever come across his books? He's all into studying what is the OPPOSITE of mental illness (i.e happiness, contentment, hope, optimism, etc.) and how to cultivate these states. I find him very interesting.

    And secondly I love your pic of the waves - can I ask do you use a digital SLR and if so which one and would you recommend it? I am thinking of saving for one, as I really enjoy taking pics and would like to get better at it! Lauran xx

  2. Hey Lauran - Nope never heard of Mr Seligman but he's obviously extremely intelligent to have come up with the same idea as me, haha. Yep, I'm a convert to the DSLR I use the Sony Alpha 200 a great camera, light, fits well in the hand and good value for money. Good grief now you're going to be a photographer too!!! Do you ever stop studying?? xxx

  3. Crossing my fingers for your potato crop. And I sincerely hope that the political crap doesn't result in problems with your allotment. (Why do people always have to try and screw up the good things?)

  4. Hi Carrie
    Hope and love sound like good thoughts to me.
    I hope Andrew has a productive meeting and loves telling you about it afterwards and that you can get growing again soon.
    Best wishes

  5. I hope by now you are feeling more like the real Carrie. Would a {hug} help if not?

    I bought some of my seed potatoes today - Desiree and Charlotte plus some interesting purple ones for a bit of fun. I still need some first earlies but there was only the one variety I grew last year and I wasn't too keen on them. It's always a bit hit and miss choosing other varieties as they are not he same as the ones I knew in the UK - just Charlotte and Desiree are familiar - no Pentlands of any sort or Kestrel which I love. Oh well I'll pop into another garden cetre at the W/E, hope they have some first earlies and pick something at random.

  6. Meredith - Please do keep those fingers crossed! I think people just like to moan. Well, I'll hear about it all later....

    Allot of veg - he's there right now and I am looking forward to the wine! Hopefully we'll get to the plots this weekend.

  7. Today Victoria commented on a VP's clouds blog - how she loves watching clouds and birds thru her Velux windows. Very therapeutic. Seen any good birds lately?

  8. I am not sure that all that stress from Allotment meetings is good for someone beating depression.

    I would stay curled up with your blanket and keep warm and cozy and let Andrew sort the meeting out.

  9. Before I had my allotment I grew my potatoes in containers. I grew Pentland Javelin and they were a good cropper with a good taste. I try to keep out of all the politics on the allotment, I'm there to enjoy myself not to get involved in silly squabbles. Hope you're feeling a little better today.


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