Monday, 8 February 2010

Bloomin' Monday - Hellebore

How's this for perfection? A gorgeous blemish free white Hellebore flower nestled in amongst the heathers at a local nursery. I think this is the 1st Hellebore flower I have met that wasn't shy whatsoever. Pity mine, at the lottie didn't make it quite as well - oops!


  1. Nurseries survive through marketing competitiveness, and to have healthiest plants and the best blooms is the most natural thing to do. Private garden and lottie doesnt go the same survival test. ~bangchik

  2. I bought a selection of hellebores last year that are growing on on the plot. Had a heck of a job finding ones that were not double but this year I've spotted loads. Don't you just love it when that happens?

    No flowers yet but I live in hope!

  3. Pretty thing; isn't it? And not shy at all... perhaps it's some new cultivar.

  4. alot of the ones sold nowadays are grown from tissue culture - once they have been in the garden one wintertime they may never come back looking as good as when you first bought them.


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