Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Poo, literally

Where should I start? I guess the first thing was we visited the building site on Saturday morning, we almost have a first floor - good news, eh? When I look at the workmen building away I can't help but think of those little creatures on Fraggle Rock, the Doozers, makes me giggle every time we visit.

I was at the allotment for the first time in quite a few weeks. To be brutally honest I hated every mintue of it and we didn't stay long. I felt really uncomfortable and panicky - it wasn't a 'safe place' to me at all. That's what happens when I stay away from somewhere or even someone, it's like the first ever meeting all over again. I tried to stick it out, took a sedative and went around photographing but it just wasn't working and Andrew had to take me home.

One thing that made me feel better was that the clay soil we have was still saturated so not much could be done anyway. Therefore Andrew shovelled some wheelbarrows of the new manure we had delivered on site. One of these bad boy mountains in each of the 4 fields. Lucky it's well rotted, can you imagine the stink and there are people living on the other side of that fence.

Funnily enough there were very few people about - the Rugby was on. Have to get your priorities right eh? But the quiet didn't make me feel any better. We go away for the week on Saturday so it's going to be a while before I'm back there again - I'm worried, I can't bare to feel like that on my lotties.

I'll be writing up some blogettes over the next couple of days and post dating them for the week ahead when I won't have the blessed internet at hand, so fear not - you won't miss out on anything. xxx


  1. It must be exciting having a new house built. Also, with it being new you will be able to put your own stamp on it. I'm sure once the better weather is here you will feel much more like going to the lottie. I haven't done anything on mine yet this year, it's just too wet. Have a great time next week.

  2. I've done nothing on my plot either, and doubt if I will for a while yet!
    Enjoy your week away! Flighty xx

  3. Bring us back some pictures, and a fresh story?

  4. You made me smile when you mentioned fraggle rock! We must be the same age, I grew up on that one too : )
    I can't wait to get gardening, for now, everything is covered in many feet of snow...

    Enjoy your time away!!

  5. I love the Doozers! Just made another Fraggle reference on my blog this week, and no one seemed to recognize it except a woman who said her sons had watched it... ;)

    That's quite some poo pile. Reading your account, I know it's got to be frustrating having the panic come on. Maybe it's like getting to know an old friend after a long absence. You're not going to jump right into the cozy feeling like before, and they might have changed enough in the intervening time to make you nervous.

    You're doing great, Carrie, and can't wait to read the upcoming bloggettes.


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