Monday, 1 February 2010

Intricate beauty of a flower (1) ~ Persian Buttercup

The Ranunculus is by far and away my favourite flower of the moment. I just adore their abundance of tighty packed petals and the white verision is the best ever. My Hubby bought me a beautiful bunch on Saturday when I was really very ill and I thought I would share them with you. Sort of a 'Wordless Wednesday', only it's Monday and I do like to ramble on a bit. So....a Bloomin' Monday instead.

My thanks to all the lovely people who have been sending messages to help me get through this awkward and stressful time, your words have not fallen on deaf ears and if I may be so bold... I love you xx
It sounds silly but I am still having trouble reading, poor concentration, bad double vision and the shakes. My mind feels like it's on the drain/spin cycle of the washing machine. It's taken me all day to write this one tiny bloggette. So, sorry I haven't been visiting my blogging friends, fingers crossed things will get better soon.


  1. Says it all that you're thoughtful & brave enough to share even a little of what you're experiencing right now, Carrie. Big smile & lots of love your way :-) xxx

  2. The flower is truly amazing, dense and pretty. As a colour, white is beautiful too..... ~bangchik

  3. I have just stumbled across your blog and have read right back from the very beginning, yes, it's taken me ages, but I've enjoyed reading it. I'm sorry that your health is a struggle for you sometimes, but you sound as though you have a wonderful husband who is very supportive. It must be extra stressful for you at the moment with the house move so I hope you manage to get through it with as little anxiety as possible. I look forward to hearing about your new growing season on your allotment in due course. By the way, I love the second photo, it would make a fantastic greeting card.

  4. Carrie those photos are great - and that bunch of white flowers surprises me - I am used to seeing bunches of coloured ranunculus rather than just white ones. Hope your transplant shock is easing and you're getting a few of those roots down. :) Rosie

  5. Is your new house on schedule? That is anyway stressful! Off the scale! But it will be fun to share your new garden soon ...

  6. Carrie I'm so sorry that you have not been feeling well lately.. But you have the positive power to demand that it go away and stay away.

    What can keep a positive person with a beautiful smile down? Nothing!! at least not for long!...

    for your attitude and smile are as lovely as those beautiful flowers you husband bought for you.

    Have a good day Better one's are on the way!

  7. Carrie girl those are gorgeous pictures you have taken of the this flower .. I have a thing for white flowers .. especially white roses and carnations .. the scent can be so lovely : )
    I have been so sick with this cold from hell I don't know what the heck is going on half the time .. on another planet I think ? haha
    Hope things smooth out again soon for you .. it is all a matter of time before you will be in your new house and it will be lovely !!
    Take care
    Joy : )

  8. I think all of your friends will just be happy if you take care of yourself and get well. You are so fun to read, even in blogette form. :)

    Gorgeous photographs, and I can see why you love the Ranunculus. Your husband was smart to bring you a flower mood lifter. :)

  9. Hey Carrie, keep strong xxx Beautiful photos as always - they would make fab big prints :)

    take care,

    Rosie xx

  10. You know what, after a little girly cry, I thank you all so much for your comments.
    Stephen - I don't feel thoughtful or brave but thanks xx

    Bamgchik - they are delicious aren't they.

    Jo - well Jo, thank you and a big hearty hug of a welcome to my humble blog xxxx

    Rosie - I am putting some roots down and the house has a bottom floor and pipes poking out, it's exciting AND stressful!!

    Vetsy - I am just going to believe you! Better days do come my way for a visit, I'm not always like this xx

    Joy - Can't believe you are still ill, that is terrible! I'll write an e-mail.

    Meredith - I know those who care about me just want me to relax and rest but I want to take on the world, I need to set my sights slightly lower eh? I have the best hubby and friends (like you) x

    Rosie - Ah petal, I find strength in your words plus my 2nd print goes on exhibition tomorrow night!

  11. Ooooh well done Carrie :) Hey do you still have that poppy I sent you last year? Mine is shooting up now and it always reminds me of you when I see it :) I can send more if yours didn't make it just let me know xxxx


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