Friday, 5 February 2010

The dreaded Committee Meeting...

Okay, so I've left you hanging on tender hooks long enough. I know, you probably haven't been able to sleep let alone eat but now is the time to tell all.......


According to the Hubby the meeting was surprisingly good with constructive debate, clarifications and agreements!? Yes this is the same meeting I was so worried about. Turns out we're all fine and dandy and the world is a glorious place to live. The Exordinary General Meeting has even been called off. What a fantabulous relief. There were of course details, but details didn't matter on Wednesday night once I'd seen Andrew's smiling face instead of his grumpy one after the meeting. There was also some very tasty wine so even if I had of been listening very closely indeed I couldn't tell those details, but who cares - the outcome was good!!!

Hold on, one of two items are floating into my mind ~ there is going to be a bulk order of manure and compost and the toilet is going to be moved to the middle point of the lotties, where the 4 fields meet. Wow, my brain is capable of some memory skills then! Horrah for that too.

Plus today I can see BLUE sky through these fab Velux windows, I got loads of ironing done, cleaned the kitchen, was given a bottle of my favourite perfume as a surprise gift and have finally got hold of some sewing machine thread - the time has come to use the machine for the first time! Eeek, I swear, it's been looking at me, taunting me.

Tomorrow WE ARE going to the plots come rain or shine and work SHALL be acheived and everything will be wonderful. Yea!, for the prevailance of common sense and a happy lottie full of happy people, planting happy seeds! I expect to see smiles all round and plenty of hard graft.

Allotments Rock!!!!!!!


  1. Good news all round then :-)

    I spent ages digging the veg patch today - good feeling but achy back now.

    Rosie x

  2. What a relief! I'm hoping to get to the plot tomorrow just for a potter round as it's still far too claggy to do any plotting!
    Enjoy the weekend! Flighty xx

  3. Brilliant post :) Glad things are looking up a bit. Surprise pressies are the very best ones.

    Carrie if I can manage the fine art of crochet, I just know that you will be grand with your sewing machine. I know how you feel about it though as I kept putting off starting my new jacket in case I made a mess of it -- and now I've got the body and one sleeve all done already. Ok, I had to rip bits out a couple of times, but it's just practise!

    Seize the day!!!

  4. Am pleased all went well at the meeting. Does the sewing machine remind you of Mrs Robinson's Home Ec classes? ;P
    Lauran x

  5. You are welcome to download the Rainbow Flare as a desktop wallpaper for grey days. Glad it is going good for you now!

  6. I am glad to see positive notes as you end your post. Smile and be happy. I never knew seeds exhibit happiness too!..haha..


  7. So glad that the meeting went ok. Hope you managed to get loads done on the lottie today. It's still too wet to get anything done on mine.

  8. That is wonderful news, Carrie. I'm so happy for you both. We had a day of working in the garden this week, and the pure joy of it has lifted my spirits for days afterwards. I hope it does the same for you. Get your hands in the dirt and have fun!


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