Monday, 22 February 2010

Bloomin' Monday - Yellow Rose and White Carnation

I feel rather bad that all those posts came up automatically after my post on the death of Bobby. I had that all set up already before the news of his passing in order to keep the blog going whilst I was away in Fermanagh. It should have stayed focused on him for the rest of the week and I am sorry to have been, not exactly disrespectful but not respectful enough.

This week I will only post these photos of some beautiful blooms; a White Carnation (to express remembrance) and a Yellow Rose ( for my earnestness).

My thanks to everyone who spoke kind words of regret and encouragement. I am pleased to say that the funeral was beautiful (personal, touching and full of love) and the fabulous St Nicholas' Church in Carrickfergus was packed to the rafters, so loved was the man and his family.


  1. At last, the painting is no more black and white, colors are making their presence felt, starting the making of a picturesque painting. Thanks to Spring, a dependable artist! ~bangchik

  2. Don't feel bad, and I don't think that you've in any way been disrepectful!
    They are both lovely flowers. I really like yellow roses and keep saying to myself that I must get one for the plot. xx

  3. Bangchik - you are such a poet! Every comment you write is a delight to read xx

    Flighty - thank you, I worry so much about doing 'the right thing'. Yellow roses are lovely aren't they - got to go get yourself one xx

  4. Carrie .. sweetie , Bobby would be so happy with how much you have loved him and have written about him with your blog .. you know he would be ever so pleased. He just seemed that sort of man to me from your description.
    The rose and carnation are lovely .. beautiful remembrance for him.
    I'm sorry I have not been here more often .. I have had a few small crises myself but hopefully things will calm down now and my life will be more normal : )
    Don't worry about e-mail .. I know you are tied up with so many things .. and that lovely new house that is growing for you : ) You will be so happy with Andrew and Maggie in it : )
    Take Heart about Bobby and his peaceful existence some where else now.
    Joy : )

  5. What a lovely sentiment, and extremely respectful.

  6. A touching and beautiful remembrance, Carrie. Yellow roses are definitely the most sincere, and that one is gorgeous.

    You mustn't be so down on yourself; I don't think your friend would find it disrespectful to see you loving this green world and moving forward with your plans for the season and your life. I for one applaud the effect a bit of spring seems to be having on you, and I expect he, too, would be glad. :)

  7. Joy, Jo and Meredith - thank you so very much. I'm still in shock, can't imagine how the family feel. We were looking at our seeds here last night and planned a trip to the Malvern show but it all just made me sad thinking Bobby won't be around to share this all with. The weather needs to pick up and then maybe I'll feel like going back to plots, getting that first time over will be hard.


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