Thursday, 25 February 2010

Neeps and leeks

The world doesn't stop just because you're sad or a person passes away. Thats the cruelty of Mother Nature and her blessing. We need to keep going, living our own rich adventure and experiencing all we can (good and bad) along the way. I will think often of Bobby and miss him. But where he here, he would be unstoppable in his enthusiasm about the allotment, especially at this time of year. He would have Shelia's head turned talking about plans and Ronnie driven mad with rebukes about his smoking (it is bad for you and I guess you would get more done down there x).

So in that spirit I return to blogging. Life goes on.
We haven't been able to do a damn thing. Grrr! This weather is horrible and for some reason it gets worse at the weekends ~ what's that all about??!! We have things to plant, soil to prepare, picnics to eat.

Andrew has built the frame work for another cold frame but as it isn't finished I won't show you it yet and I'm not about to go out in that freezing rain and wind to take a photo of it away, even if it was finished, hahaha. He's also sorting out his seeds and writing lots of stuff in his little Moleskin book; I've said it before, he's the gardener, I am merely his apprentice.

We have instead been continuing to enjoy to fruits of our labour from last year. Leeks galore and boy are they huge. Plus we've rediscovered the joy of turnips. A good while back we harvested the lot and stored them in sand, in an old wine box and put them in the cold darkness of the storage bench. Well lo and behold if they aren't the best preserved, tasty wee firm yum veggies. 'Purple Topped Milan' ~ you just can't beat them.

November (ignore the coke bottle - it can be thirsty work this allotmenteering lark)

Last nights dinner - yum!


  1. I am so so jealous of you eating your own food for dinner! That must be so satisfying! Don't think we will be getting a lottie anytime soon now with #2 on the way but definitely in the future ....Lauran x

  2. Golly Lauran the lengths you'll go to to get out of some digging!! Stay well, eat well and congrats!!

  3. It is so rewarding eating the fruits of your labour we are trying Neeps again this year after not growing them for some time.

  4. My aim this year is to grow more for eating through the winter months. My leeks were lovely and tasty, but they've all gone now so I'll be sowing lots more this year. I'm going to have a go with swede and broccoli this year too, neither of which I've grown before.

  5. Carrie girl ! Hello : ) .. Do you know we can't get GOOD turnips here ? .. not the ones we had as kids good yellow flesh that tasted wonderful .. now we have some tasteless substitutes that have no character ... jeez !
    I love the new picture girl : ) you look full of beans .. in other words very peppy and ready to take on the world .. I know you may not feel like that but there is that spark in your eyes !!
    Joy .. with Cabin Fever roaring ? haha

  6. Lovely post! I just want to get digging, planting and sowing! And yes you guessed it...the forecast is for more rain! Flighty xx

  7. LOL it gets me out of both digging and returning to full-time employment ... double score! Lauran xx

  8. I've never grown my own turnips, but ate plenty of them as a child fresh from my grandfather's garden -- and unfortunately never could find it in me to like them. Your lovely picture makes me wonder if I ought to reconsider, Carrie, especially knowing they've been stored all winter and still look like rockstar veggies! :)


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