Friday, 12 February 2010

The Ministry of Food - a look back at rations

I had a whole other blogette ready to go for today and just managed to jump in in time to stop it being posted automatically. I just saw this and thought it was super duper interesting. All my grandparents are dead a long time now and I never got to ask the questions that I so dearly wish to ask now. I do have old ration books and coupons but they don't talk. I want to know them as people, as children, as lovers and as people my age in their life. But alas I think we all feel the same - gone too soon.

Anyway, here is a lovely black and white film about rationing in Second World War Britian.  Grow Your Own folks and Dig For Victory!!!xxxx

Oh how I would LOVE to own those old posters now. They are fabulous and did you notice - not a plastic bag in sight. We take things for granted don't we; well, as we grow our own we become more in tune with the hardship, the joy and the seasons. Fresh food, grown by your own fair hands - yum.

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