Thursday, 18 February 2010

Time to rip it all out and start again.

I am cheeky ~ here are a couple of photos I took on another (unnamed) plot. They need to clear out and compost away, I tell you!! A spring clean if you will.

Well we're going to be back in a day or two and then it's straight to work. Andrew ordered 'special' seeds from the internet which hopefully will have arrived whilst we are hiding away in our cottage. Plus we have viable ones from last year and of course the Pound shops have got their claws into the hubby too and a few packets here and there are popping up (''they were a really good price and we needed them'') every now and then.

Also have you noticed that the nurseries are actually acting like proper plant suppliers again after the mess and embarassment that is Christmas in a garden center??So many rows of seeds, oh seeds after seeds after seeds..... here's Andrew drooling over 1 aisle (there were 3 like this!) and not a stuffed, animated, singing toy or smelly 'holly berry' candle in sight - bliss.

It's time to get planting those little jewels into seed trays, the ground or toilet roll inners. I saw (darn it, can't remember where) recently a beautiful photo of a little girl planting seeds in egg shells - amazing, I would never of thought of that!! I've also been looking back over the photos of the past summer - wow what a vibrant place the allotments were then.


  1. I started my seed sowing last weekend and the first little shoots are now poking through, it's so exciting at this time of year.

  2. Yes it is an exciting time I just wish the weather would realise we are heading for spring.

  3. LOL, you are cheeky! (But I agree with you it's time for some serious spring cleaning there.) Would you believe I've been avoiding the garden shops just because I'm afraid I can't resist spending money on seeds and god-knows-what-else? I budgeted rather carefully and spent all my seed money through the mail-order catalogues... I can't afford to be hypnotized by more seeds!

  4. We had snow, more snow darn it! I haven't a seed planted but we have lots in the house all filed away in Andrew's spiffing new seed box (and he's just phoned and told me he is going into a shop which sells more seeds - cheap!!!) x


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