Monday, 15 February 2010

Hope is a splendid thing

Okay I hated being there at my lotties last weekend, I've already admitted it. But now that I am safe and warm on my sofa with Maggie snoring aaway dreaming of biscuits and what not, I can see that there were signs of beauty and hope all around me. God, you see, this is why photography is so important to me! I am usually just in a panick or numb and it takes a while for me to really appreciate what I doing or where I am.

So I just wanted to share a few of the photos of HOPE I took. Hope lifts us up, keeps us going, it is the creator of love and joy. Embrace each little sign of it everyday if you can ~ the world isn't so scary with it by your side and in your heart.

Remember these bulbs being planted up in layers why back in November??

A forest of garlic (slight exaggeration?)

Tete a tete peeping up

Wallflowers doing well - but look at those tulips, so fat! :)

And nice big buds forming on my blueberry plants. Oh I want blueberry muffins, scones, cake with cream and strawberries, face mask?, alcohol? Everything blueberry this year - yumm.


  1. I'm hoping for a glut of blueberries this year too. I got a great harvest last year and hope it can be reapeated this year.

  2. A little peep of shoots and buds are by no means just tiny hope..... As you said, they keep us going... ~bangchik

  3. Those first signs of spring are so lovely. I am glad you were able to look back and find HOPE in your beautiful images. The blueberries do look especially promising. :)

  4. Great photos/blog again Carrie-I must send this link to Michaela as she is still frozen in snow :(

  5. Such signs of hope and inspiration. I need as much as I can get right now so thank you for this. I need to put in some seeds, just so I can remind myself of the miracles that exist around me! PS Did you post a valentines day post? I clicked on something in my 'reader' and it said it 'doesn't exist'. Hmm. Hope you had a happy one;-)

  6. We've just had blueberries for breakfast. There is an (export I guess?) berry farm on top of our mountain.


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