Wednesday, 17 February 2010

We're growing a house!

You know you want to see it, don't you?? We got the new morgage sorted out, the valuer will be there possibly today and then we sign the contract with the builder - Eekk, poo your pants time!! But I know, I just know you have been tearing your hair out to see what all the fuss it about well........ here's the artist's impression and here is reality as of last Saturday!!!

Reality isn't quite as pretty but you can't live in a picture!!
We're getting a new house, a new house, a house, we're getting one, a house that is..ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Plus ~  we also put up my bird box creations. I'm so embarassed  by them that I am not showing you a picture. I used a blunt saw, really thick boards with knots in them everywhere and I have double vision = not very good bird houses. But Andrew (sweet as he is) put them up and maybe (if birds are that picky) we'll get a resident, but I'm not holding my breath. 


  1. Carrie! That's wonderful! Looking forward to watching the progress.

    Birds aren't picky. They'll thank you for providing shelter. They won't check the joints for plumb.

  2. Your house is beautiful. I bet you can't wait for it to be built.

  3. It is fun to go through the whole process from impression to reality..... Watch out, don't let them miss a brick somewhere.. haha. ~bangchik

  4. Lucky you, when do you reckon it'll be ready for you to move in? I really like the look of it, nicely plain with no unnecessary detailing.
    I'm sure that your bird boxes aren't that bad, besides which the birds will be far more interested in making a comfy interior!
    Flighty xx

  5. It's a fabulous house Carrie. How nice to look forward and dream about how you are going to decorate it and furnish it, AND design the garden !!
    M xx

  6. Wow - great stuff! Would love to build my own house. The way the housing market is, often it's the cheaper option, which is crazy!

    I'm sure the birds won't mind what their homes look like, as long as they are secure and offer shelter.

  7. Congratulations how exciting is that I do hope it has a big garden and is near the allotment.

  8. ENJOY, Carrie! That is such fun. I have a picture, not for posting, of me walking thru the 'front door' when the house was just chalk lines on the ground!

  9. It must be so exciting to be able to see you own new house being built! - and to be the very first people to live in there too :)

    Oh please post a photo of your bird house, if not here then on growveg. Did you see that Splodger is running a competition for making your own? I'm going to try and build one from driftwood (well it's proper timber bits and pieces that have washed in rather than pretty bits of wood) but I don't have enough yet.

  10. Taking of bird house's have you seen this delightful advert? Flighty xx

  11. Carrie I'm so excited for you.. I'll be watching. Lots of luck to you.

  12. Oh it is fab to watch, now we're home again it's got a first floor!!! We signed the contracts and are due to move in in May! Eeek! It all too exciting for words. The gardens are tiny but we are going to be very creative - oh watch this space.

    Flighty - I LOVE that advert x


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