Sunday, 31 January 2010

Transplant shock

Sorry to all my fab readers (who I love loads!!!) but I am experiencing transplant shock. A very severe case of it I'm afraid. The books don't seem to apply to the the rare and unquie case of the Carrius Gaultius so I am having to fight through this unaided by professional knowledge.

Lots of rest and warm drinks, not much in the way bad weather conditions and certiainly but sadly no reading or writing for a while. I have however been  placed beside a gorgeous bunch of Persian Buttercups (I do know the latin but my brain is fried and spelling is not good at the moment) which is utterly delightful. Once things settle I can post photos of the blooms - just need to find my camera leads etc in amongst all these freakin' boxes!!!

From now on I am going to be much more sympathic to plants that I wish to move around the plot. Let me tell you!!!

Stay with me and enjoy on set of Spring - cold though it may be; I can see blue sky! Though no Lottie visits for us - first because I'm a mess; second, it's been snowing again and third, we have lots of work to do in this new place called home. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Carrie, I do hope your transplant shock passes quickly for you. If you were a plant I would give you lots to drink, some gentle warmth, and singing, well humming

  2. Carrie..

    Talk about transplanting,I have seen people moving matured trees to new garden using big lorries. And they use cranes to put the trees upright. I heard about how trees are induced to hibernate by chopping the roots and branches months before the transplant. Even humans need some form of reorientation to face new environment and challenges....

    What you mentioned as the new place called home, must be very homely I guess....

    Have fun opening up boxes!!

  3. It's never easy to move... I don't like change in my home surroundings either. Rest up and take your time to settle in. Eat something warm and comforting.... or try some yummy sweet... for me chocolate works wonders! :)

  4. Sending you lots of empathy for your transplant shock. I think it took me months to get back to "normal" (ha!) after our last big move. Give yourself extra love and consideration. :) Looking forward to seeing spring unfold on the allotment for you...

  5. Thinking of you, take care! Flighty xx


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