Friday, 1 January 2010

John Cushnie

I am shocked to say that an Northern Irish gardening guru has passed away. Always enteraining, Mr Cushnie enlivened many a Garderners' Question Time for me and it is always a joy to have an Irish voice on BBC radio, especially one so witty.

Here is the BBC news coverage of this sad event -


  1. Sad news indeed! Flighty xx

  2. Oh my God, I love John Cushnie - I can't believe he has died amd I never even met him! Outside of Alan Titchmarsh - who most of my friends don't like - he is by far my favourite presenter. Gardeners Question Time was only good when he was on it because he was the only one who wasn't afraid to day what he truly believed, what ever anyone else thought. Too shocked to be depressed, I am only sad. Good thing I checked out our site otherwise I wouldn't have found out until tomorrow morning. Life can be crap sometimes. Simon

  3. I'm sorry not to have seen him (we have NO Canadian garden shows and that really sucks) but from your post Carrie .. he must have been one heck of a gardener to watch and learn from .. I'm sorry not to have known him !

  4. I was shocked yesterday at lunchtime when I heard the news - I've followed John Cushnie for years - I used to listen to him on Gardeners corner on Radio Ulster with Cherrie McIlwaine and then when I moved to Scotland used to still pick up BBC NI through Sky and watched him on Greenmount Gardens............ he wore a different cravat every week. And without fail if he was on Radio 1 on a Sunday afternoon I would be listening to him. I loved his uslter wit and his great knowledge......... oh and he did not like veggies. He will be sadly missed.


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