Thursday, 21 January 2010

House plant anyone?

Oh golly gosh (by that read something a little a lot ruder), this time next week we'll have the hire van and be transfering our lives from this house to Mamma G's. Everything must go, including the pots in the garden, some hardwood cuttings, divisions of fav plants and the contents of the shed! Again I say golly (again use your imagination as to what I'm really saying).

So I was thinking, in our new pad we will be living in a loft conversion and thus there is loads of light and there won't be much room or indeed structural stabilty to have much furniture up there. But one thing I do want is a house plant and for this I require help. In the past I've only ever had ivy or spider plants in my house and I hate them!!! Well I love ivy, but outside for goodness sake not as a feature plant in my room. Downstairs, i.e. in Mamma's House - there are lots of christmas cacti which always seem to be in flower, maybe we should buy them a calendar? So dear friends, no ivy, spider plants or cacti; what can you suggest for a girl to have in her new home to add a little greenery and joy??

There are lovely gardens front and back including fruit and veg so I have that covered, this is just for me to admire as I work away. But I feel utterly lost in this domain, maybe I should just have some flowers bought in every now and then and have loads of photos up?? Oh I don't know...

By the way I still feel bloody awful and still haven't been anywhere near my lottie or even the garden outside the door. Stinky weather, one's mood does not help!!!! I need the spring. Off to hide under my blanket again, until next time - HUGS xx


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Carrie. I would suggest bringing in flowers regularly and putting up lots of colorful photos -- but that's because I manage to kill or maim all houseplants. I have a green thumb in the garden, and a black thumb in the house. :)

    Besides, flowers are so gorgeous, and you won't ever get bored of them, having to change them out.

    Sorry to hear about the frustrations of your move. :(

  2. Hi Carrie... soon the sun and earth will come up with a compromise.., and give you the much awaited SPRING.... you just wait. ~bangchik

  3. Carrie, persuade Andrew to buy you a couple of Orchids, they are beautiful and if you get some with lot's of buds they will flower for months. They only need a good soak in a bowl then drain and pop back into the outer ceramic pot, and I only do this every so often.
    I hope the move goes smoothly, take care.
    maureen xx

  4. Pick yourself a garden posy. And replace often, for fresh greenery and delight. Good foliage is wonderful in a vase, even without flowers! And when you can pick flowers, so much the better.

  5. Meredith I think you hit the nail on the head. I have a great many photos and I also have the black thumb of indoor plant raising!!! So yep, I'm going to use some of my own art work anf have little posies - hope I can pick my own Diane, nice idea xx
    I'm allergic to orchid pollen Maureen plus Andrew isn't a fan :(
    Bangchik - the spring is coming, i have to remember that

  6. Sorry, Carrie, can't help.
    Every indoor plant I have ever owned has died a hideous death.

  7. Carrie girl .. I have my own not so nice issues with house plants BUT I haven't killed
    this one (S. trifasciata laurentii) .. it is a tall stiff plant but it takes any light and any condition just about .. African Violets have pretty flowers .. but the suggestion of buying fresh cut flowers is great .. prices over there seem so much more reasonable .. I used to buy them all the time when we lived in Holland : )
    My friend Martha has a great indoor tropical plant site
    You may get some ideas from there ? Hope it all runs smoothly and you take GOOD care of YOURSELF girl !
    Joy : )

  8. Carrie I hope you are feeling alittle better this weekend. I know the perfect houseplant - a phalenopsis orchid. So easy to look after - likes to sit on a coffee table away from harsh sunlight - so will suit your attic conversion. Only water with lukewarm water once a week during warm weather and once every 10 days in winter - feed not that often and it should bloom for quite a few months and then have a rest and then send out another shoot.


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