Monday, 25 January 2010

When is the best time to transplant a Carrie??

The 'Carrius Gaultius' ( common name - Carrie) is a delicate plant and needs much pandering to and a great amount of mollycoddling. She (for this 'plant' is a girl) prefers a sunny climate but in dappled shade, plenty of water and a comfy soil; not to stoney and diffinatlely not clay - she hates wet feet. She doesn't do winter cold snaps well, they often result in a period of grumpiness and rather unattractiveness; a nice blanket goes down a treat at this point. Prone to pests and diseases she is none the less a delightful little (max height 5ft 1.5 inches) plant that can bring joy and darken a gloomy place from time to time if only you can stick out the tough times with her too.

Now, generally this 'plant' fears change and hates being uprooted. It doesn't mind a little holiday and a chance to see another aspect of the 'garden' but generally it is a homebody. So the diffficult question remains - When is the best time to move a Carrie???

It's happening on Wednesday folks and this girl is getting a bit stressed as part of her roots are in one place and part in another. And her new home is only for 6 months so she'll be off again to another site just as she is settling in to this first move and getting used to being under someones else's cover and in their space! Oh my. Any suggestions as to how to make this transplanting process run as smoothly as possible would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Well Carrie that was a fantastic introduction. After 6 months will that be your final move? If it is just keep focused on that.

    You'll probably not be spending that much time under that attic roof as it will be so busy in the allotment.

    Just take each day at a time and get into the habit of spending time up in that attic set of rooms from the start of the move rather than being in someone elses space downstairs all of the time.

    All the best from someone who has moved house 5 times and 2 of those were into rented for about 6 months. Rosie

  2. A better way to bring about change is to do it incrementally. Like seedlings germinated indoor, should be brought to broad day light bit by bit, otherwise it wilts.

    I don't know Carrie, I guess life require some form of incremental maneuver. Somehow we adjust to new environment... Someone was saying "the only thing that remains constant is CHANGE"... huh.

    Good luck to Carrie the plant and the planter!
    ~Bangchik and Kakdah
    Putrajaya, Malaysia.

  3. According to my sources Wednesdays are the best day to transplant a Carrie. Carrie should be potted on with some of her favourite things to hand - I suggest an Andrew a Maggie a cuddly blanket and a bottle of red. Carrie should remember that when being potted on it is normal to feel stressed but putting roots down in new soil usually helps the plant along enormously. Take tender care - i'll be thinking of you. J

  4. Just remember that any plant will have transplant stress if moved, and needs special care for at least a little while thereafter. Do take care of yourself, Carrie. :)

    I definitely don't envy you the two moves in six months, but I do sympathize with the feeling of stress at contemplating the time of being uprooted. My husband is finishing his ph.D. and may be done in May (now looking unlikely), August, or December, at which point we will be moving to follow his job offers (if there are any in this hideous economy), since my work is portable.

    I feel so... tenuous here. But at least now it looks like I'll have most of the summer so I can plant my vegetable garden, which brings me great joy. May your focus on the allotment and the growing things bring you cheer and comfort. :)

  5. It looks like you're in for a really busy year! Always make time for yourself when it all gets a bit too hectic, have a cup of tea with a couple of biscuits and think about the good times to come once you're settled again. Flighty xx

  6. Take care Carrie :) As for houseplants do you want some of my babies?!!

    grrr it won't let me post a link but search for 'mother of thousands' on growveg - or look in the houseplants section for them and you'll find them!

    it's grand if they aren't what you're looking for :D

    good luck with everything xxx


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