Wednesday, 6 January 2010

GrowVeg, how I love thee....

I really must make a point of praising the most fabulous forum ever: As I said, yesterday I was feeling really bad (once the Hubby came home I felt better, kisses to my Andy) but during the day I was so thankful for all my friends at grow veg. They keep me busy and helped me talk out my worries and let me into theirs too, where I was able to help in return. It's not just a gardening forum oh no, we chat about growing all sorts and share recipes, our hobbies, our holiday photos, our troubles and our happy times. I swear I have made so many really good supportive friends that I can't imagine not being a part of the family. We even do secret Santa which is so much fun and their are pub quizz style competitions in 'real time'!!

(If you have ever read my Allotmentherapy essay you'll have noticed that I thanked them for their support in writing the piece and publishing it in the first place.)

Plus Flighty joined us a few days ago which really tickled me pink!

I hope you are pleasantly surprised everyone to be thanked so openly - bear hugs xx


  1. It's nice to feel so at home on a forum as you obviously do.
    I was cheered by the warm welcome I was given there especially by you! I hope to stop by, and comment, most days. Flighty xx

  2. It's great to have support in many different ways.

  3. Yea... that's good to have such support. ~bangchik


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