Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I'm back :)

It has been brought to my attention that I have let my 5 mins of fame go to my head and really, I must get back to work. Thank you Mo for the kick up the bum that I needed, I have blogging to do!

Well, let's talk about the allotments then. Nothing is happening on the plots. The weather has put stop to things on our sweet little slices of Eden and not a thing has been achieved, apart from talking about it!! But to be fair our whole weekend there was taken up with the gutting out of Mamma G's attic room and en suite bathroom, painting it and generally working our (not so little unfortunately) bums off getting it ready for us to move into. This was Andrew's old bedroom and bathroom built as a loft conversion so there are lots of memories there and Mamma had also been using it as storage for the past while, all this equalled much work to be done. But we managed it and everywhere is painted and today the new carpet goes down! This moving house lark is very hard work and we've got to do it twice this year, hahha (manic laughter).

Anyway can't complain, it is going to look lovely and Mamma is great (Maggie adores her Granny) and I'll still be able to blog away as there is broadband at the house - yippeeee!!!!!

So apart from that and a couple of serious nervous breakdowns, I have been busy trying to relax get some sleep. 2 months, two months of about 3 hours a night and yesterday I finally slept all night and all day :)

Now to some important Lottie News; a Extraordinary General Meeting has been called for. Oh dear :(
There was a letter sent out to the assocation members and it contained another letter signed by a number of people who have called for a EGM soon; they are unhappy with the way things are being run (or not run) and feel the committee is split down the middle and thus practically useless. Which in one way is true, the committee isn't split as far as I am aware but they have very limited powers (read none) and thus it can appear that they aren't doing anything. Our council still runs the whole place and our committee is sort of a talking shop.

I do hope this goes smoothly and the meeting is a time were people can have their thoughts and concerns listened to without it descending into a row. I fear we sometimes forget how lucky we are to have allotments in the first place and I also fear that making too much of a noise will make the council think twice - I can't lose my plots ~ I'll lose the plot !!!(pun intended even though embarassingly bad).

So there we are, all updated, now I'm off for a wee decaff and a homemade gingerbread star - yum. I leave you with a seaside photo to calm the mind....


  1. Hi Carrie, I haven't visited in a while...congrat's on the Women's Own feature...that's terrific;-) I hope you will keep feeling better and better as the week goes by. Moving is a LOT of work! I just moved my mom into a new house and it was very tiring! During that visit, I fell off a ladder and did something to my knee and am unable to walk without crutches! I'll find out tomorrow what the problem is. It's always something;-/

  2. Hi Carrie I am so glad that you got a good night sleep - long may they continue! I hope the council don't do anything too drastic with the allotments.

    All the best for your move!


  3. Yay, an update, hope you are holding on ok through the bad bits. Peter got me a copy of Womans' Own and I love the little piece :) they should have made your bit into a whole feature though...

    don't envy you going through moving house etc :(

  4. Deluverly picture of the seaside. Our walls are painted in that taupe, lichen, wet sea sand colour.

  5. Welcome back Carrie, I knew you would come out the other side unscathed. I hope the sleep continues to be good. Take care it will soon be spring !!
    Maureen x

  6. Hi Carrie! I hate moving... it's always such a pain. I told my hubby that the next time I move they will have to bring me in out in a coffin! LOL Congrats on the Women's Own feature! Hugs, Jackie

  7. Thinking of you! Take care, Flighty xx

  8. Good to have you back.
    Moving house is stressful for everyone, even some plants do not like to be transplanted, I hope you bed in well and flourish in your new abode - it sounds romantic - like an artists garret...
    Have fun!

  9. Hi Carrie good to hear you had a good sleep perhaps you have turned that corner and will trot along nicely now.
    love the calming sea photo.

  10. Friends - I love you all, your support and little comments are helping me along these days. I feel humbled that anyone even visits, so a comment, well that just makes me all well up. I know - I'm a big girl but things are bad and love in any form is oxygen to me. I thank you xxx


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